Here is a shower for me!


Here is a shower for me!


The shower is shading the tubs in the bathroom. Always bigger, more aesthetic and more practical, it makes us succumb. Here are 8 showers with assertive styles that we hasten to copy ...

Whether or not there is space in the bathroom, the shower is more and more popular. Today, the bathtub is no longer the weight of the qualities of the shower. Open or closed, classic or Italian ... models multiply and bend to all our desires. Here are the 8 achievements that made us crack. Do we do the same at home?

1. A graphic and airy shower in the bathroom

Cécile Septet

In this old remodeled workshop, the bathroom cultivates the industrial side with exposed copper pipes and glass roofs. To make the most of the decor, the shower is placed on a large glass wall. We like the extension of the graphic tile from the floor to the walls thus offering an impression of continuity.

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2. A large Italian shower that we dream of installing at home

Sabine Serrad

Completely renovated, this bathroom focuses on space and brightness. Integrating a large walk-in shower with glazing keeps the volume of the room. The geometric gray tiles bring relief and dynamism to the whole. An idea that makes us crack.

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3. The shower sets the pace in the bathroom


Playing on the length and the relief, this shower catches the eye in this big bathroom. If the place allowed the installation of a bath, the shower was preferred here. A choice that we approve and that we dream of copying. The niches are here aligned to have clean lines.

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4. Raw materials for this quality shower

Pierre Jean Verger

Playing on the map of minimalism and polished concrete from the floor to the walls, this bathroom offers a sleek shower where one can imagine reveling.

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5. A closed shower in a bathroom comfort

Jean Villain

In this studio, the layout of this small bathroom 1.57 cm wide and 2.2 m long with toilet is optimized. The shower, closed by a glass door, falls between two technical columns and the wall of the toilet. The storage units are integrated into the frame with a small shallow washbasin in alignment.

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6. A bench in the shower, so cool!

Geoffroy Chalvin

In the bathroom, the large shower cubicle (130 x 80 cm) is fitted with a stone shelf serving as a bench. A real compromise in the bath, this trick is ideal to take the time to relax in the shower. We already imagine sitting, lounging, under the hot water ...

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7. The shower takes height in this bathroom

Fabrice Rambert

We do not get tired of the open glass wall. Here, still in the spotlight, she avoids breaking the space and completely partitioning the shower. We remember the idea!

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8. An open shower for my home

Coralie Ballery

In this renovated bathroom, the shower plays on different levels. Raised for practical reasons, she chose to reinforce her fragmented side by creating cornices along the length and width of the wall. Aesthetic but also very practical since it allows to dispose of its products ...

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