Expo: a thousand years, a thousand faces for the twilight of the Pharaohs

DR / Paul Louis-SMB / Egyptisches Museum Und Papyrussammlung / Sandra Steiss - Claudine Drai

The museum Jacquemart-André presents "The twilight of the Pharaohs", until July 23, 2012 in Paris. All you need to know about this exhibition. Zoom with the Express Styles.

Egyptian civilization is fascinating, except for its last millennium. Archaeologists have long considered these ten centuries (1069-30 BC), during which the country passed under the yoke of Libyans, Syrians and Macedonians, as a period of decadence. As a result, they argued, the artistic output of that time could only be mediocre. For Egyptologist Olivier Perdu, curator of this exhibition, it is a misunderstanding of history. The hundred pieces put together by his care demonstrate this.

Nourished by a long tradition, the creation is indeed showing great vitality and artists of undeniable virtuosity. There is a diversification of the statuary as well as a stylistic evolution. The sculpted faces of men become more realistic, like this amazing green head of Berlin on which wrinkles deepened by age are encrusted. If the faces of women retain their idealized outlines, their bodies, on the other hand, display unpublished curves. The "twilight of the pharaohs" is not a decline.

THE TWILIGHT OF THE PHARAOHS. Jacquemart-André Museum, Paris (VIIIth). Until July 23, 2012.