Deco ideas for an original children's room

Children's bedroom, baby room: original decor ideas

Nicolas Aubert-Maguero

Fed up with blue and pink classics in the nursery? Enough toys lying around? Discover our ideas, as aesthetic as practical, for ingeniously decorate your children's room. A graphic wallpaper or crepe paper suspensions, sometimes just a few things are needed to to make this piece a cocoon decoration.

Far from classics a little clichés that can be found in the nursery, like wallpaper patterned cartoon characters or gendered colors, here are 10 ideas to copy. Dare to be original in your toddler's bedroom by bringing a sophisticated and atypical decorative touch. Play on colors and volumes by painting beams or sticking stickers on the walls, and cleverly optimize the space with a mezzanineor custom furniture. In short, make this piece a special place, conducive to the creativity of your child.

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1. Peas to punctuate the wall decoration of the nursery

A room that changes pink, a bit classic for little girls, with an indigo blue wall that gives depth to the room. Overflowing the wall, the golden peas break the corners of the room and bring rhythm and good mood to this dream room.

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A realization of interior designer Delphine Guyart

Delphine Guyart Design

More pictures of this blue room to see life in pink

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2. A mezzanine like a tree house

This mezzanine plays security with its facade and its wooden cabin roof. What prevent the child from falling out of bed. Openwork like a fence, it lets the light to the bed upstairs and the play corner down, where was even installed a small office. Unusual, this wooden cabin makes its small effect in this little boy's room.

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A realization of architecture agency maéma architectes

Nicolas Aubert-Maguero

More pictures of the Marius Hut

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3. Suspensions to give scale to the little girl's room

Looking for a good idea to make yourself, and why not with children? Making DIY suspensions in crepe paper is one of them! If it gives pep to the piece, this creation also energizes the decor by playing on the volumes: the size of the balls, their height ...

An achievement by interior designer Virginie Durieux

Virginie Durieux

More pictures of this baby room full of sweetness in Vincennes

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4. A custom furniture to optimize the space

We validate the choice of custom storage furniture for the child's room. Here, the modular bed is an extension of the furniture. It goes from a crib to a single bed, thanks to the removable barriers that adapt to all ages of the child. Scandinavian inspired, it fits perfectly in the decor of this room.

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A realization of the interior design agency Design D'espace


More pictures of this child's room under the roof

Take a look at the profile of the interior design agency Design D'space

5. A graphic wallpaper to energize the nursery

We choose a graphic wallpaper to give pep to a nursery. Argyle motifs, far from plain or childish wallpapers, which bring contrast to this room and break the style of the nursery. We opt for a pastel color able to soften the grounds, for a child's room that remains restful.

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An achievement by the interior design agency Marque de Fabrik

Aline Dautresme

More pictures of this family house renovated with taste

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6. A poster to draw on the walls of the room

We love the choice of coloring, ideal to develop the creativity of your toddlers. With this wall mural to color, write on the walls is finally allowed! Give free rein to your child's imagination for an original decor.

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A realization of the interior design agency My custom interior


More photos of this Afro / Scandinavian style children's room

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7. Decals for a personalized deco

We dare the wall stickers for a custom deco and easy to achieve. We can vary colors and patterns with drawings or quotes. At will, the stickers bring style to the walls and remove with a little elbow grease. What to change the decor as your children grow up.

An achievement by interior designer Jennifer Bressolin

Jennifer Bressolin

More pictures of this nursery with Scandinavian spirit

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8. Shelves nestled in a recess for more storage

Enjoy a niche in the wall to build shelves. A good way to optimize the place in a child's room. To put a little decorative touch, play on effects of color and paint. In turn, paint the bottom then the shelf to play on the volumes. A graphic result that is worth the detour!

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A realization of the Texier-Soulas architecture studio

Oliver Hallot

More pictures of this large family apartment of 190 m2 located in Paris

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9. Painted beams to better highlight the height of the room

In a child's room, furniture and toys remain at ground level to fit its size. Do not hesitate to exploit the height of the ceiling which can become a real decorative element. The painted beams of this room give structure and a nice dose of originality to this ceiling.

A realization of the interior designer Virginie Debacq

Hugues de Maulmin

More photos of the transformation of this workshop into a contemporary loft

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10. A bed with drawers to hide the whole bazaar

Who said that mezzanines were reserved for adults? There are models elevated to one meter of the ground quite adapted to the children, from a very young age. If there is no place to stand underneath, we take the opportunity to slip a large storage space. With eight drawers, this bed offers a multitude of cupboards, and a good style with its checkerboard paint.

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A realization of interior designer Coralie Vasseur

Carole Sertillanges

More pictures of this renovated boy room from floor to ceiling

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