12 wooden floors point of Hungary that make us want

12 wooden floors point of Hungary that make us want

Daaa Workshop

The parquet point of Hungary, we love it to madness! Timeless, he invites himself into every room, and is no longer reserved for classic atmospheres. The natural character of this wooden floor brings style and character to our interiors, without becoming obsolete. Proofs in pictures.

Point of Hungary, herringbone or fish bones, this floor typically Haussmann has many names. Recognizable between a thousand by its diagonal layout and its slats in oak, walnut or cherry, it makes charming any decor atmosphere. Married to the contemporary, contrasted with design furniture or revitalized by a retro atmosphere, the herringbone parquet detonates!

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1. Dare the arty spirit with a hungarian floor

Bright, this contemporary lounge has fun with styles. The parquet point of Hungary naturally finds its place between the printed wax cushions, the blue fur of the armchair and the zebra pattern of the carpet. A bit arty, the atmosphere is timed by this exceptional soil. Its light color makes it discreet and more modern, integrating it without difficulty into the whole decoration.

Transition Interior Design

More photo of this Haussmannian apartment renovated by Transition Interior Design

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2. Between modern and old, timeless herringbone parquet

Contrasting atmosphere in this Haussmanian living space. Kept on the dining room side, the hungarian parquet contrasts with the large anthracite tiles in the kitchen. Here, the floors combine old and modern, like the decoration. The imposing marble fireplace meets the rounded seating. While the wooden chairs invite themselves to the immaculate lacquered table. A mix that matches every time.

daaa workshop

More pictures of this Haussmanian apartment renovated by Atelier Daaa

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3. Hungarian floor parquet in the chef's kitchen!

In the kitchen too, place the parquet floor point of Hungary. Able to warm the stainless steel furniture, it integrates with the original surface by its woody nuances. Very clean, the space plays mainly on shades of white, brought by moldings and air suspensions. The parquet herringbone becomes a deco bias and imposes its character. As a bonus, hard not to crack for the central island of pro, worthy of a real kitchen restaurant.

New Home Agency

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4. The 60's seize the parquet floor point of Hungary

The sixties are popular in this Haussmann apartment. The curves of the coffee table, the motifs of Orla Kiely cushions and the rounded lines of the luminaries adopt the codes of the retro chic universe. Almost Versailles, the parquet herringbone foils the total vintage look and makes the space more opulent. Between charm of the old and eccentricity of the 60s, the wedding deco works!


More pictures of this Haussmanian apartment furnished by Decorexpat

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5. Herringbone parquet to twister a modern kitchen

In this apartment, the resolutely modern furniture sets the tone. Without distorting the space, Constance Guisset's famous Vertigo suspension contrasts with the original fireplace and imposes its contemporary silhouette. The yellowish tone of the parquet meets the saffron touches of the kitchen. What make parquet point of Hungary a resolutely modern coating.

Coralie Vasseur

More photos of this renovated kitchen by Coralie Vasseur

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6. Herringbone parquet flooring in a cozy room

In this cocooning room, the decoration seems to have been hung in old Paris. Wooden valet and bedside tables in wrought iron ... the secondhand spirit settles in marooned shades. The parquet floor point of Hungary enhances the authenticity of the place. With its taupe paint, the asymmetrical headboard meets the warm brown of the parquet and brings contemporary lines to this traditional room.

Sophie Zaghdoun

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7. A prosecutor's office in Hungary as in Scandinavia!

Married with a Scandinavian look, the herringbone parquet becomes trendy. The oak floors are easily adapted to Nordic fashion, which loves natural materials. Recalling the original apartment, the parquet reflects the clean and bright atmosphere of the place. Dressed in white, the kitchen furniture offers freshness and simplicity. The touches of greenery offset the duo between white and wood, typically Nordic. Result? A sober and modern decoration.

Daaa Workshop

More pictures of this Parisian apartment made by Atelier Daaa

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8. Herringbone parquet and Berber style meet in the dining room

Mix of materials assumed in this immaculate dining room. On the floor in herringbone dialogue copper suspensions, wood seats, table glass and carpet wool. With a Berber look, this rug creates a cozy space at mealtime. A style that combines without problems with the typical Haussmannian touches: Prussian stove, moldings and parquet. Proof that fishbone soil is not confined to the traditional style.

Charlotte Fequet

More pictures of this Parisian apartment renovated by Charlotte Fequet

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9. Mix periods around a hungarian floor

Timeless, the herringbone parquet supports all vintage mixes. Here, the classic note of the Louis XVI armchair confronts the felt of the modern seat. Like the printed wallpaper that plays the retro card facing the traditional parquet. Almost natural, the color of the floor gives it a Scandinavian look. Stack in the air of time.


More pictures of this Parisian apartment renovated and decorated by blackStones

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10. Traditional floor in a Haussmannian dining room

In its universe of origin, the parquet point of Hungary blossoms. Characteristic of the Haussmann apartments, this dining room reminds us that the trio plaster moldings, marble fireplace and herringbone flooring still works. To modernize without denaturing, a custom library has been installed. As immaculate as the walls, it is forgotten for the benefit of the floor, that we even guess sitting on the plexiglass chairs in the dining area.

Batiik Studio

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11. Charming parquet herringbone in a pastel room

Even in the children's room, the fish-bone parquet finds its place. He loves pastel, the powdery colors that are found in the night of small children. With its slightly honey hue, it offers a warm note with fresh tones.

Coralie Vasseur

More pictures of this room renovated by Coralie Vasseur

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12. Frank tone for a modernized parquet floor

Stroke in this parental room! Choice very assumed, the blue custom furniture captures the look, like the light in the room. With its light shades, the parquet point of Hungary is married to moods like this one. For a modernized herringbone parquet, do not hesitate and dare the sliced ​​colors.


More pictures of this apartment furnished by 10SURDIX

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