Designer and comfortable master suites

Designer and comfortable master suites

F. Amiand

François Champsaur is a master in the decoration of the rooms. The decorator gives us his advice as advised as sliced ​​for even softer nights than today ... Especially when we have a parental suite!

The parental suite is, in a way, a more spacious bedroom. The word "suite" suggests extreme comfort, calm and calm. All the parents of the world deserve this kind of cocoon to meet at night, far from the agitations and worries of the day ... Here are 3 parental suites, selected by Côté Maison and deciphered by the care of the decorator François Champsaur.

Vintage. In his liner-guest house, the antique dealer Eddy Jambers combined a fifties decor with a cocktail of strong colors that combines duck blue, chartreuse green and burgundy. All underlined by an elegant stroke of black.

B. Limbour

The opinion of the decorator François Champsaur

François Champsaur: "Today, with the blended families, the house welcomes children, stepchildren and their friends, everyone wants not to be solicited permanently.We are trying to recreate a small apartment in the apartment. room, even when it's a "parental suite", is the last room we show, I would say that there is no prohibition in this room. It's about trusting oneself and trying on a color or a piece of furniture.You have the right to be wrong, to start over again.Going a little further than you would have liked, sometimes Well, the key is to trust your desires. "

Partitioned. Here, "the interior artist" Véronique Malegarie has separated the night area of ​​the bathroom with a large curtain fabric "Andres" (Bisson Bunel).

N. Millet

The favorite achievement of François Champsaur ...

"The Ministry Hotel, because we have managed to create a living place, with natural materials and touches of color brought by the fabric, an impression further enhanced by the works of art in each room."

Bright. At the Hôtel du Ministère in Paris, François Champsaur has furnished the glass roof so as to preserve the maximum free space. Wood, wool and metal: all materials play the contrast in black and white, punctuated with touches of color.

F. Amiand

Presentation of the decorator François Champsaur

François Champsaur

Born in Marseille, François Champsaur is imbued with Mediterranean culture. First enrolled at the École supérieure des beaux-arts, he continued his training at ENSAD in Paris. In 1996, he opened his office in Paris. In love with light and the contrasts it engenders, he stages full and empty to create sets that are always recognizable. A follower of color, patterns and materials, he handles them with a brio of his own. In parallel with his work for individuals, he also signs the decoration of hotels, such as the Royal Evian or the Vernet hotel in Paris. For everyone, he designs specific furniture with prestigious publishers like HC28 and Pouenat.

François Champsaur: 42 rue de Sevigne, 75003 Paris. Tel .: 01 43 45 22 46 and champsaur.com