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Want an original Halloween decoration? Scary silhouette trees, pumpkin lanterns, poisonous drinks and sweets beautifully presented ... Côté Maison has selected the best decorating ideas from blogs, small shops and creative collectives to celebrate Halloween with dignity and originality!

Here are some original Halloween decor ideas for a terrifying evening ...

An original Halloween decoration: painted apples worthy of fairy tales

To decorate the table, the fireplace or the entrance console on Halloween night, we are inspired by the creation of Vincent, the blog "Shake my blog" (// His idea ? Paint apples in black, and after drying, decorate them with glitter chocolate hue. Finally, make them paper sheets. Paste them. Evil, this Halloween decoration!

Spray of black paint "Colors", Castorama, 10.90 euros. An idea of ​​Vincent de Shake my blog //

Shake my blog

A scary and original decor for Halloween

For a quirky decoration on Halloween day, take a look at the Marigold Mom blog (// and plant a black-trimmed, silvery note. Cardboard trees and raven-colored fabrics, pumpkin or charcoal candlestick ... Like disturbing Chinese shadows.

Marigold Mom //

Marigold Mom

A pumpkin lantern, in the tradition of Halloween

The essential accessory for any self-respecting Halloween: a pumpkin. Revived, the cucurbitace has more than one bad trick in his bag! To make a decoration with a pumpkin lantern that will deploy its scary shadow in the house, nothing easier. Get a good size pumpkin. Open it from above and empty it of its flesh. With a cutter, draw two large triangles and a smaller one to form the eyes and nose. A form of zig-zag for the mouth. Your pumpkin is ready, it remains only to place a candle.

A scary pumpkin lantern to light up!

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Halloween drinks not to put in all hands

For Halloween, trade your traditional stemware for customized small glass bottles. Dressed in ice-cold labels (available for download at, they will play witch potions and other unsavory poisons. What give cold to the back to your guests!

Small glass bottles, A Little Mercerie, 1.50 euros one. An idea from the blog Hostess with the Mostess

Hostess with the mostess

Flowers in Halloween decoration

To delicately decorate the Halloween table, we can also bet on a bit of poetry. How? By inviting pumpkin-colored flowers on our dark chocolate delicacies, the story of appropriating with originality the traditional colors of Halloween. Why not Gerberas?

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Collective ribbon

An evil bird on the Halloween table

As on the Nikki Berry blog, we bring an agonizing note, all Hitchcockian, to the Halloween table decoration. To do this, we invite a black bird that will be put under a bell with pumpkin tones.
To make the bird, pick up a specimen from a hobby store and bombard it with black paint. We shudder in advance ...

Bird to decorate, from 2.99 euros, Creavea. Idea of ​​the blog Nikkiikkin //


An original Halloween decor with this scary tree in centerpiece

To set the scene easily at the table on Halloween, adopt a table center studded with bats. Delivered flat, this tree is built in the blink of an eye. All that remains is to hang the bats and other ominous cuts of our own. That's it !

Tree to message, the words are gifts, 36 euros.

Words are gifts

Pumpkins with messages for Halloween

We love the pumpkins imagined by FairGoods (// Painted in black, decorated with messages of circumstances using stencils, they have style! We are inspired to customize our Halloween pumpkins and we dispatche our achievements around the fireplace or in the entrance.

Black paint bomb "Colors", Castorama, 10.90 euros. Stencils, Cultura, 8,19 euros. DIY from Fairgoods blog //

Fair Goods

A glowing Halloween table decoration

To give some panache to our Halloween table decoration, we put on sequined or metallic finishes. A domed vanity with silver paint in centerpiece, a pumpkin covered with glitter ... It must shine ... badly!

Spray of silver paint "Colors", Castorama, 10,95 euros. Glue and glitter varnish, Cultura, 5,99 and 2,39 euros. Table decorations, Zoe Confetti, from 3.95 euros.

Zoe Confetti

A geometric Halloween tablecloth

You would like a tablecloth in the colors of Halloween without investing in a new model? Get inspired by Vincent's idea of ​​the blog "Shake my blog". Cut out black and orange triangles of identical size. Stick them on a Divine Twine decorative twine. Attach your garland to the edge of a simple white tablecloth. This is a nice backdrop for your Halloween table decoration.

Black Twine Twine Twine, Baker's Twine, 4.90 euros. An idea of ​​Vincent de Shake My Blog //

Shake my blog

Original, this Halloween decor made with raven black pumpkins

For the floor to turn into a witch kitchen garden straight out of a fairy tale, pump up pumpkins of all sizes in black and silver, and scatter them here and there in the room. A beautiful idea by Marigold Mom //

Black paint "Colors" in bomb, Castorama, 10,95 euros. Marigoldmom //

Marigold Mom

Stylish candy boxes for Halloween

Halloween would not be Halloween without its procession of sweets. To present them at the table, we are inspired by the proposal of Ribbon Collective ( and are packaged in small cardboard boxes that are easily manufactured in three or four folds. A dot of glue, decorations to draw or write, candy tint pumpkin ... It's done!

an idea from the blog Ribbon Collective

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