"For the child, his room is his house"


Evolutionary development and deco worked: Denis Hacq is very caring for the room of the child. Interview…

He was a young dad. In 1978, when Denis Hacq wanted to arrange his daughter's room, he noticed that the offer for the nursery was poor: simple furniture, basic aesthetics and rudimentary functionality. He wants to offer another alternative to parents and children and starts his Vibel company.
Today, the architect of the child offers solutions for custom-made rooms that can follow the evolution of the growing child. Cotemaison.fr went to meet Denis Hacq, the creator of Vibel ...

Between 0 and 18 years old, what is the most complicated age when designing a child's room?

You might think it's the first room, baby's. The installation seems very complicated: in the entourage, everyone goes to his council and budgets are often limited. But as there are many solutions for the baby room, the task is finally simpe. It is especially when he begins to get out of bed, around three years, that the development of the child's room takes all its meaning, its importance.

How can the room be scalable and adapt to the child?

A child is growing up very fast. The principle is to keep in mind this idea of ​​evolution. By anticipating short- or long-term expectations and listening to your needs, you can create a room that changes with age. In decoration for example, when a teen wants to paint his room all in black, think that this fashion will pass and it will repaint everything in a short time. Propose to him, why not, to make just a piece of black wall.

Exactly, what is the place of decoration in the room of the child?

It becomes primordial. The decoration, with the relay of the media, became accessible to all. It is not uncommon today to see a child of 10 years ask for a particular color in his room. The childish universe with animals, characters or princesses are much less popular.
Now parents want trendy rooms for their kids. For the year 2009, we find in our catalog styles Gipsy, Bio Chic or Marie-Antoinette, true deco trends.

The 5 key tips

1. Create a personalized room.
2. Listen to the wishes and needs of the child.
3. Anticipate its evolution.
4. Make his house in the house.
5. Crack on the decor and color.

Who decides the decor then: parents or children?

Parents are increasingly invested in the layout and especially the decoration of their toddlers' bedroom. It can be explained by the rapprochement between the world of the child and that of the adult. The barrier between the two is no longer the same. The adult likes the regression towards childhood and the child loves to do as adults. So his room looks like a room of adulescent (note: contraction of the words adult and teenager) even adult.

What is the place of this room in the house?

A child does everything in his room: this is his place. At Vibel, for example, the child's room is first considered as "his house in the house". If he has his territory and feels good, he will be happy at home. It's interesting to wonder if your child feels at home at home? Especially at a time when adolescents are leaving the parental home more and more late.