Christmas wishes of a passionate traveler



Côté Maison presents the Christmas wishlist of her travel enthusiast, Malvina Hamon. Practical and deco, here is his list of gifts. It's up to you to take inspiration from it to make Christmas happy.

1. World map of memories

Air ticket, exhibition entrance, postcard, photo, ... I am the first to want to keep everything. This year, I take a big step, I leave my memories of the box and I decide to expose them. This map of the world in cork is the ideal to pin down my best moments on the countries where I spent such beautiful moments.

2. My ideal hand luggage

I love to travel. But I am absolutely not organized. I try, I can not sort. For me, this gym bag is ideal to avoid separating me from my "indispensable". Big enough to store all my belongings, he will quickly become my favorite companion on the plane.

3. Click, click, I go on a trip

Who says trip, said photo. And although I'm already well level camera level, I fall for it and its retro side.

4. An international Iphone shell

Lost suitcase, new allergy, shabby hotel, ... we all have a curse that follows us during our travels. Me, my problem as soon as I cross the border, it's my phone. When I do not lose it, I break it. But this year, I wish to thwart the fate with this hull that has traveled much more than me. In passing Santa, if you want to bring me the iphone 5, I would not say no!

5. Escape cushions

Between trips, I like the idea that my interior reflects my personality. And because my holiday memories are not enough to decorate my home, I fall for those African-inspired cushions.

6. Take off in photo

I am not a phobic of the plane. For me, the takeoff is more synonymous with escape. So, nothing like this picture to help me fly away from my couch.

7. Never without my glasses

If I like traveling, I love sunny countries even more. Impossible to leave without a sunglass. To emphasize his love for the American West, Ralph Lauren has devised a collection of sunglasses and optics for women called "Special Edition Ralph Lauren Western". Impossible for me not to crack.

8. Decorative wave in my interior

If I'm not a surf addict (not that I miss the desire but my surfing skills are poor), I love the atmosphere and spirit around this sport. While waiting for the next wave, I fall for these boards to hang in a large room.

9. Lotto, lotto, lotto ...

Having not won (and incidentally not started playing), difficult for me to launch the globe at random to choose my next destination. The idea of ​​having the Earth in my hands is pleasant to me.

10. Every week, a new trip

A short escape from the office or the living room thanks to this agenda gathering the most beautiful GEO photos. To rhythm its weeks to the four corners of the globe, I say yes ...