Dream Houses

A cottage like a loft


A real family chalet with a cozy atmosphere and refined decor, friendly and pleasant to live, which celebrates the city spirit, industrial and avant-garde loft ...

Originally, it was a small cottage of twenty years perched on a hill, above Megève. Full of charm, beautifully located with a crown of lace on the horizon, it is nevertheless cramped, not really functional and dark. Today, it is a beautiful living space, all in strong and structured lines. A radical change in appearance that was made possible, as often, by a close collaboration between the owner, Daniele, and its contractors, interior designers and craftsmen. Armed with drawings and sketches by Danièle, the Mégèvane Promotion Company and the Alpen Bois Company coordinated the exterior works while the Société générale d'aménagement de Chambéry orchestrated the interior design. A fine team that has not lost to any difficulty to follow the battle plan developed by Danièle. First step, bring in the light. The ground was leveled, and the birches that obstructed the view, magnificent, were cut without any qualms.

The west wing is transformed into a spacious platform. It is here that the new entrance of the chalet finds its place under an awning. The exterior is entirely dressed with old wood and punctuated by a succession of balconies and wood reserves. The roof and fireplaces are covered with cloths, in the Savoyard tradition. Inside, everything is transformed. The volumes are broken and large openings are created to allow the sun to "turn" around the house all day. The cottage is completely boned, the goal being to create a beautiful and vast volume on two levels. The old staircase, condemned and partitioned, is found. It is transformed into a transparent structure that leads to an intermediate floor where a mezzanine has been added. A second flight of stairs leads to the floor where the rooms are. One key word: the beautiful. Wood, stone torrent, slate and metal decline in unison a brown and gray palette. The main difficulty was to combine clean decor and cozy atmosphere. Successful bet: here is a chalet-loft that has found its reason to be in the mountains!