Dress up baby furniture

A pot of paint, a brush and some ideas are enough to transform the furniture of a child's room. The advice of Alexandra Druesne, interior decorator ...

Alexandra Druesne

A pot of paint, a brush and some ideas are enough to transform the furniture of a child's room. The advice of Alexandra Druesne, interior decorator ...

Blue for boys 'rooms, pink for girls' rooms, flashy colors and patterns galore, children's rooms are no more than that. A view shared by interior designer Alexandra Druesne: "I'm not a follower of complicated and colorful effects, she says, I prefer sobriety and neutral colors." Dull shades or pastel for a chic result and far from sad. More timeless furniture than baby can keep bigger!

1. The equipment to relook baby furniture

Roll or brush, the choice depends on the desired finish. "I have a preference for the brush which gives a more material effect, a hand-painted rendering, less industrial than when it is rolled." A pot of matt or satin acrylic paint (0.5 liters is usually enough to repaint a chest of drawers or a desk).

Before the long-awaited makeover, empty the drawers and remove the handles and knobs if there are any.

2. Furniture preparation

We must now prepare the support. Two scenarios ...

Case 1: painted, waxed or varnished furniture. If your furniture is already painted or waxed or varnished: you can sand with a fine sandpaper, so as not to scratch too deeply the support, so that the future finish hangs well.

After sanding, dust off your furniture to leave no residue. It could not be easier. A slightly damp sponge will do the job. Let it dry.

Case 2: Formica or melamine furniture. Let's go to the case of furniture in formica or melamine. Alexandra Druesne advises "to buy a magic paint, called a hanging primer, which can paint any type of support: glass, plastic and even tiling." This underlay plays a vital role. Thanks to her, the final result will be successful and sustainable. "It standardizes smooth or porous surfaces, and enhances the adhesion and longevity of the finishing paint." The cabinet is ready to be painted.

3. On your marks, ready, paint!

Apply a first coat by pulling the paint well. Let it dry for about 4 hours. During this time of rest "for you" think to put your brushes in a plastic bag so that they do not dry. "It avoids washing them before the second coat."

Before applying a second coat, you can sand the furniture very lightly for an optimal end result. If this is your wish, do not forget to dust it afterwards. The second layer can be laid. Let it dry. Depending on the quality of the paint used, a third layer is sometimes necessary.

Finally, apply a little wax, let dry and polish. "It protects the paint and gives a slightly satiny finish to the furniture."

For a "perfect" makeover, Alexandra Druesne recommends painting the interior of the furniture "with a more daring or bright color: guaranteed effect!" If the furniture has handles, they can possibly be changed.

The customization of the finished furniture, there is more than waiting for the passage of the sandman. Hush, baby sleep! In beautiful sheets and surrounded by pretty furniture.

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