Symphony of plants in Agapanthus gardens

Maxime Gasnier

Tropical and exotic plants, flowering shrubs ... The Agapanthe gardens illustrate the work of landscape architect Alexandre Thomas. Reportage in this labyrinth green and exotic in the heart of Normandy ...

Located in Grigneuseville in Haute-Normandie, between Dieppe and Rouen, the Agapanthe Gardens are the work of a nature as wild as mastered by Alexandre Thomas, a forty-year-old landscape architect. The man has imagined a place built with topiary plants such as Buxus or Pinus, which blend into the rest of the vegetation. In some places, rest areas are installed: wrought iron chairs, basin with freshwater fish, terraces slabs of natural stones ... The buccolics garden invites contemplation.

Calm and serenity could be the keywords of the Agapanthus Gardens. In the middle of a dense vegetation which mixes various species (plants with bulbs, exotic, flowering shrubs, ...) sand trails are created where the visitors wander. As in a labyrinth, we let ourselves be drowned by the games of perspectives that punctuate the different levels of the gardens. And the only noises that can be perceived are those of the insects, which seem to take pleasure in this perfectly controlled jungle.

While the hydrangeas mingle with the redwoods and rhododendrons, the palm leaves themselves, assert themselves throughout this forest. Colors and smells mingle to bring out an almost exotic atmosphere that spreads over both gardens. Exotic at will, the flower beds seem no longer counted, and leave room for an amphitheater of flowers in the second garden.

Just cross the road to meet rhododendrons and conifers that welcome walkers behind a large gate. The second garden, built around an old brick building acquired in 2006, houses some curious specimens ...

Agapanthe Gardens, 1, Impasse Agapanthe, 76850 Grigneuseville.Open in April and October only on weekends, from 14h to 18h. Open every day from May to September (except Wednesdays) from 14h to 19h. Free visit, groups by appointment.
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10 euros.
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