8 design hotels around the world



From Beijing to London to Las Vegas, design and home decor hotels flourish and delight travelers looking for comfort and luxury in every corner of the world. Côté Maison offers you to go on holiday in these amazing hotels in pictures.

Want to escape the space of a moment in pictures? These 8 design hotels will surely make you want to go on holiday and go around the world. Through here the visit.

1. Beijing: the hotel luxury and design W Beijing Chang'an

Flashy colors, XXL spaces, cinematographic lighting and innovative installations: the AB Concept spirit has struck again! For W Beijing Chang'an, the architectural firm was inspired by the Tian Yuan Di Fang - Chinese philosophical principle that the sky is round and the square earth - to combine strict lines and graceful curves. -

AB Concept

AB Concept

AB Concept

2. London: The Artist residence design hotel

Justin Salisbury and Charlotte Newey, young hoteliers and designers, have transformed this old pub with eclectic decor into a rustic but luxurious hotel. The works of art on display are carefully chosen, and the restaurant offers creative dishes prepared in the open kitchen.



3. Budapest: Aria boudoir design hotel

Classical music as the only source of inspiration for Henry Kallan, Zsolt Szécsi architect and Zoltàn Varro young interior designer, responsible for this baroque jewel, a true heritage of Hungarian palaces.

Darabos Gyorgy

4. New York: The Playland Motel Design Hotel

This motel has just opened up close to the Isle of Manhattan at the Rockaways, a popular destination for New Yorkers. The rooms are bright with design touches that play with the marine colors, evoking the open sea a few steps from the building.

Kari Vuong

5. Wolfsburg: The luxury hotel Ritz Carlton wants design!

The Volswagen Group palace designed in 2000 in Germany by Andrée Putmann and Elliott Barnes has been renovated by the latter. Declining a mechanical metaphor from the lobby, a curtain of 65 blown crystal tree trunks evokes a motor car. Vroom!

Deidi VonSchaewen

6. Las Vegas: Delano Design Hotel

Opened last fall, the Delano has managed to display, besides rooms to the extent of what is expected in Sin City, a lounge Le Franklin, which moves the concept of the hotel bar. An eclectic atmosphere, offbeat and racy, highlighted by a facility that runs along the bar.

courtesy of Eskayel

Tom Rauner

7. Paris: the design hotel version eighteenth Little House

Bright colors and eighteenth century furniture for this jewel of 75 m2 overlooking the Opera dedicated to the theater couple Charles-Simon Favart and Justine du Ronceray. Adjoining the Maison Favart hotel, the exclusive Petite Maison by Exclusive Interiors by T & T promises luxury, independence and a four-star service. and -

Christophe BielsaXMGM International Resorts

8. Copenhagen: Scandinavian design hotel SP 34 Hotel

In the heart of Copenhagen's Latin Quarter, the former Fox Hotel has been transformed under the leadership of architect Morten Hedegarrad. The SP34 offers 118 rooms that blend bohemian spirit and 1950's Danish design with contemporary pieces.


Beijin: the luxurious W Beijing Chang'an Hotel

Flashy colors, XXL spaces, cinematographic lighting and innovative installations: AB Concept has struck again! For W Beijing Chang'an, the architecture firm took inspiration from Tian Yuan Di Fang -the Chinese philosophical princi- ple according to which the sky is round and the earth square- combines straight lines with gracious curves. -

London: the Artist residence Hotel

Justin Salibsury and Charlotte Newey, young hoteliers and designers, transformed into a form of art and design. The hotel restaurant serves creative dishes prepared in the open kitchen.

Budapest: the Aria Hotel

Classical music was the source of Budapest / Aria inspiration for Henry Kallan when he created this baroque jewel with the help of the architect Zsolt Szécsi and the young interior designer Zoltàn Varro in keeping with the legacy of a true Hungarian palace.

New York: the Playland Motel

A beach-style motel is located in New Yorkers, the Rockaways. The rooms are airy, bright, and designed with details of maritime colors, reminiscent of the open sea located at stone's throw away.

Wolfsburg: the Ritz Carlton Hotel

Eliott Barnes has renovated the Volkswagen Group's luxury hotel in Germany, which he originally designed in 2000 with Andrée Putmann. Mechanical metaphors are used throughout, with the lobby, to be a remnant of a car engine. Va-va-voom! -

Las Vegas: the Delano Hotel

Opened last autumn, the Delano now features The Franklin Lounge, a hotel bar worthy concept of Sin City's sulphurous reputation. The atmosphere is eclectic, quirky and racy.

Paris: the Petite Maison Hotel

Dedicated to the theatrical couple, Charle-Simon Favart and Justine du Ronceray, this compact, 75m2 space features bright colors and 18th century furniture and offers a view of the Opera House. Adjacent to the Maison Favart Hotel, the Little House, fine-tuned by Exclusive Interiors by T & T, delivers luxury, independence and 4-star service. - and

Copenhagen: the SP 34 Hotel

In the heart of Copenhagen's Latin Quarter, the trainer, Morten Hedegarrad. The SP34 boasts 118 rooms combining bohemian spirit, 1950s Danish design and contemporary rooms.