Prepare your garden!


In April and May are the months when we are active in the garden. Objective: to enjoy it until the fall. The advice of the editorial staff of Côté Ouest ...

In spring, it's time to take out the spade and prepare the massifs by incorporating a good soil decomposed, and for those who are by the sea, why not some seaweed if you are near the beaches ...


Be careful not to discover too quickly the plants you have protected for the winter because the nights and early mornings can still be cold, even if it is time to sow the gaillardes, nasturtiums, centauries, immortelles, snapdragons and nigelles.

For the flowers to cut, store your plantings over time, so you will get flowers longer for your bouquets. Advice also applies to the bulbs of gladioli, dahlias and if you have not done it in the fall, it is now time to cut the heads of hydrangeas last summer.

Quick, weeding

This is also the time to treat, biologically of course, as a preventive measure, roses and shrubs. Potassium permanganate and Bordeaux mixture have proved their worth. For the garden: sow carrots, celery, peas and if you have a greenhouse, plant lettuce, dandelion that you transplant when they have reached fifteen centimeters. Do not hesitate to hoe the flowerbeds to prevent weeds from settling, you will avoid the tedious job of intensive weeding.

Nice month of may

In May, with the traditional lily of the valley, the whole garden bursts with the strength of spring. It is time to sow the annuals and summer bulbs by monitoring their growth. Armed with your pruner, you should take care of your fruit trees, apple trees, pear trees, pruning and removing dead wood.

This is also the time to clean the faded flowers of rhododendrons and plant shrubs in containers. If your hydrangeas have yellowing leaves, thus marking the beginning of chlorosis or iron deficiency, do not hesitate to throw at their feet a handful of rusty nails, the rain of which will gently bring the elements to the roots. Beware of slugs hungry in the spring, surround your squares of vegetables and flowers, firewood ash or bury tin cans full of beer!