Sell ​​your house fast: a good example of home-staging

Salon after home staging


In the trend, home-staging is a solution for homeowners who want to sell their home quickly. Based on the principle of real estate valuation, this concept offers stunning results. We show you with this house in Aix-en-Provence.

You have trouble selling your house? Avéo offers home-staging services, with work ranging from painting to renovating the floor through a decorative makeover to revalue the property. The principle: neutralize the interior to allow prospective buyers to project themselves easily into the house.

Example with this house of 200m2, located near Aix-en-Provence, on the market for two years. Fabienne Francart d'Avéo, oversaw the work to make the house more neutral and more modern in order to sell it more easily. Duration of the work: 15 days. The result ? Already 4 visits and 4 favorites ... A little tour of the owner to understand the main principles of home-staging.

1. A kitchen embellished by home-staging


In this kitchen makeover, most of the work has been to modernize the space. With a strong bias oriented Provencal style, the room was too personalized. Never mind, a few brushstrokes are enough to transform it radically and without difficulty. The dominant almond green is replaced by a more sober cream color and the cupboard doors are highlighted with a pearl gray to enhance them. We hide the tiling of the credence a little out of fashion with an anti-projection plate steel look, both practical and modern.

In terms of furniture, the little revolving round table gives way to a simple white table with clean lines matched with chairs in graphic mesh for the more design aspect.

On the deco side, the majority of items go by the wayside: kitsch pots and pans are replaced by more neutral objects and a few plants are added to make the room more pleasant.

The result : a sober and trendy kitchen, which one can appropriate more easily.

2. Easily modernize the living room


For the living room and the dining room, the space has been arranged in the continuity of the kitchen. The same range of neutral and warm colors is used to harmonize all the rooms on the ground floor. The stone wall is a more decorative that is not highlighted by the flashy green curtains and small objects that drain the eye. To restore the charm of the room, these elements have been removed.

The aged leather sofa disappears; the one in fabric is installed in the corner of the room. The overhanging mirror gives an impression of space. Painting side, we opt for a very trendy mole on the back wall.

The result : a modern and warm living room with comfortable poufs and a soft carpet.

3. A small bathroom completely redesigned


The small bathroom in the eaves required a lot of work refresh. Outdated colors, poorly ergonomic furniture, with this home-staging, she gave herself a second youth. The walls and ceilings have been repainted to play on a bright white that opens the space. The tiled floor has been replaced by PVC imitation parquet more trend.

The goal was also to unclutter the space and install more modern furniture. Instead of the small washbasin, one installs a basin cabinet and a storage column, more practical and more aesthetic. A large contemporary mirror placed above the cabinet allows to visually enlarge the room.

The result : A mini bathroom that offers comfort and design, much more attractive to the future owner.

4. A veranda revamped at a lower cost


Around the home staging, a simple principle: each piece must have its function, and it must be visible at first glance. This was not the case in the conservatory which combined the dining table and the lounge with steel, all in a cold atmosphere imposed by the tiles. To give this veranda a boudoir function in the cocooning spirit, the space is redeveloped around a single large wooden convivial table and the chairs disappear in favor of comfortable poufs.

On the ground, the tiling gives way to the PVC imitation parquet, rustic and luminous effect. The blue wooden shutters, which cut in the style of the room, are repainted to neutralize and harmonize the light tones of the room.

The result : A bright veranda halfway between the outdoor lounge and the indoor lounge, ideal for relaxing moments.

5. A room highlighted with a few brush strokes


The rooms are probably the most personalized pieces of the house, as here with this full red. Better to opt for neutral tones: the colors of the pieces, when they are too marked, can easily be prohibitive for a potential buyer.

In home staging, no decorative bias: the walls are repainted with neutral colors, softer (cream and light khaki). We add lighting for the cozy atmosphere and we keep small touches of color with the carpet and bedside tables.

The result : A room at once neutral and warm to please the greatest number of people.

6. A beautifully decorated children's room


For this room, the goal was to restore the function of children's room, little marked before home-staging. The walls and cupboards have been repainted in soft cream hues. Decorative elements such as soft toys and colorful carpet have been added to remind the world of childhood. The beds have been moved to reinvigorate the space and give free access to the wardrobes. A feathered suspension brings a touch of softness.

Budget : For this big house, the work of home-staging cost 8% of the sale price, or 25000 euros. The price is higher than for most projects of the same type, which generally amount to 3 or 4% of the selling price.

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