The 3 deco - design trends that are displayed


Dishes, lighting, furniture ... Maison Magazine zooms in on three daring trends of the moment.

1. The art of the table touching

At the origin of the tableware collection "Sarjaton" (Iittala), six young Finnish designers of design, fashion and graphics. "Sarjaton" - which means "without series", in reference to the authenticity of the objects and the possibility of marrying them with each other - offers 26 individual elements: some in glass, others in ceramic, natural wood or textile. The motifs, either printed or embossed, and present on all the pieces provoke an irrepressible desire to touch. From 4 euros to 50 euros.

2. The year of the tables whitening
3. Luminaires: first class holes

Whether it's small holes punched in metal or larger ones made in wood, designers like to play with full and empty, when they create new lighting fixtures, that offer changing reflections of great softness. and welcome with the arrival of winter.