Cook: which work plan to choose?


Key element of a well-equipped kitchen, the work plan deserves all our attention during a kitchen renovation or construction. Here are our tips to make no mistake and choose the work plan adapted to your needs. Illustration through the example of the Dekton work plan of Cosentino.

1. Think carefully about your expectations upstream

Do you usually cook a lot? To cut your food on the worktop? To put hot dishes there? So many questions to ask yourself to determine your needs before buying a work plan. The offers are many, it will help you establish a first selection.

The main qualities of the Dekton work plan : Responding to all needs and desires, Dekton combines extreme resistance to scratches, heat and stains. All while maintaining the stability of its colors.

Cook: which work plan to choose?


2. Establish a budget for his work plan

The work plan is the focal point of a kitchen. We are constantly there: to cook, to eat, even to work or to install children to draw. Extremely put to the test, it is at the same time quite difficult to change, so it is better to invest from the start. To increase one's initial budget proves to be strongly recommended at the risk of regretting in a few years ...

The price of a Dekton worktop Prices vary according to multiple criteria, difficult to establish a representative range. Feel free to contact Cosentino to find out more.

3. Do not neglect the style in the kitchen

Today, a French person changes on average cooking every 24 years! The modes they change regularly. So it is better to go on something neutral. If it may seem a bit basic at first, see in the long run. Nothing will prevent you from changing the facades of your furniture to give a new style to your kitchen in a few years. Changing your work plan is another matter! Starting on a neutral shade, you avoid tastings.

The Dekton work plan : 22 references make up the color palette of Dekton. Solid colors but also very mineral things. However, sobriety is essential to allow the product to last in time!

Cook: which work plan to choose?


4. What materials for the worktop?

There are different materials for the worktop of a kitchen:

- The laminate: it is the best quality / price ratio. If it is accessible, it will last less.

- Quartz: very resistant to stains (oil, wine coffee, ...) and scratches, it is a little more qualitative than laminate because of its easy maintenance that makes it more durable over time. Its resistance to heat is however a little limited.

- Granite: it is the most resistant to heat but it is necessary to protect it and less customizable since it has only ranges of black.

- The dekton: it is the one who mixes the advantages of all the previous ones. Extensive color range, high resistance to heat and scratches, non-porous product thus avoiding stains ... With its ease of maintenance and use, no doubt: this is what is best for the interior and the outside!

5. Think about personalizing your work plan

The options are multiple today. A worktop does not have to be rectangular, its angles can be rounded, its thickness more or less wide, ... To you to adjust according to your needs, your desires and your budget.

The personalization of Dekton: combining style and efficiency is what makes the strength of this product. Available in three thicknesses (8mm, 12mm and 20mm), you can for example opt for a 12 mm worktop to offer your kitchen a more contemporary style while maintaining intact the qualities of Dekton.

You will understand, the choice of the work plan is essential in the kitchen. By opting for Dekton, you have no question to ask yourself: without limit and without constraint it remains sober and up to date. What more ?