Dream Houses

The top 10 houses Colors and unusual


The house of Juliette Greco, houses full of decorating ideas ... Visit or revisit in pictures these houses full of colors with bold decorations. These ten are the most visited by Internet users between January 1 and March 12 ...

N ° 1: a deco 200% idea box

9,398 visitors. An interior with varied atmospheres: armchairs and leather sofas, touches of color ...

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N ° 2: visit the house of Juliette Greco

4,485 visitors. Discover the house full of poetry of Madame Greco: what a privilege offered to the Net surfers of Cotemaison.fr!

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N ° 3: religion flea market ascending design

4 397 visitors. Here, the old is not old. On the contrary, it gives style ...

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N ° 4: 60 m2 on the ground: the blue house of Olivier Py

4,265 visitors. Four rooms and an attic, this house of sailor is on the Island of Ouessant.

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N ° 5: anti-stress bubble in the city center

3,362 visitors.The transformation of an old printing house into a Zen home in the heart of Marseille.

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N ° 6: a Moroccan house in the wind

2,980 visitors. A mix of East and West. What know-how ...

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N ° 7: a house way workshop

2,976 visitors.A treat this workshop atmosphere full of tricks, rusty iron and wood.

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N ° 8: make a very personal decoration

1,562 visitors.Multiplication of colors and furniture series revisited give it character.

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N ° 9: the good ideas of a whimsical house

1,481 visitors. Like a mirage in the countryside, this place is worth a visit.

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N ° 10: a houseboat as home

1,271 visitors.130 m2 of very classic charm.

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