Victoria Wilmotte, designer of materials


Victoria Wilmotte, a very promising designer. Back on his career, small point on what inspires him, but especially presentation of his projects. An interview signed Côté Paris.

When we talk about the capital, Vicotia Wilmotte answers: "Paris is for me a place where I 'pose' my ideas, in general my inspirations come from travels, visits, meetings". You may meet her Paris on board a Japanese three-wheeled delivery scooter bought in London.

A 25-year-old freshman with a degree in Interior Design and a Master of Product Design from the Royal College of Art in London, Victoria Wilmotte is already taking a strong step. Its singularity? She likes to create meetings between subjects and admits her interest in manufacturing techniques. "I think it is necessary to design an object by appropriating the material and its implementation.It is in the workshop that the drawing of the object can take shape.At contact with a machine, the gesture of 'a worker, a craftsman and even sometimes mine'.

Installed in the 11th century, his studio is also his place of life. His brother, the architect Nelson Wilmotte has designed a box with a bedroom, bathroom that comes into the kitchen, living room, office and workshop. In 2009, she sets up her studio-studio, participates in the "Young shoots" collective exhibition at the Tools Gallery with her ceramic "Carafes". The same year, Victoria Wilmotte is contacted by the Pierre Bergé & Associés gallery in Brussels to create "Marble Connections", a collection of marble furniture.

This research of the subject, Victoria Wilmotte refines it over the projects. His boxes designed for Tools Gallery in marble and enamelled metal cut are a good illustration. At the beginning, Victoria Wilmotte will present at 332 (332, rue Saint-Honoré, 75 001 Paris), the showroom of EDM, a line of furniture and objects in natural stone in collaboration with Tendance Pierre.