8 dining rooms open on the living room

8 deco dining rooms open on the living room.

Christoph Theurer

For a more convivial atmosphere, the partitions are cut down and a large living room is created with living room and dining room in the same room. Côté Maison has selected its 8 most beautiful achievements of modern stay and full of clarity, discovery!

Open the dining room on the living room is a bright and modern furnishings that seduces more and more, both in house and apartment. The partitions fall to make a large living room, more friendly and allowing greater fluidity. A dresser, a staircase, a change of ground or level can nevertheless come to materialize the two zones which are the dining room and the living room.

Side House presents 8 dining rooms open on the living room and sometimes even the kitchen, which make you want to succumb to this trendy arrangement.

1. The dining room opens onto the living room, separated by a uncluttered staircase

Azimut Studio

House side likes: the uncluttered staircase of this large Scandinavian-style living room that clearly delineates the living room dining room. Without partition, the living room is clearer and offers a greater fluidity of circulation. The decoration is homogenized, with a graphic wall common to both spaces.

More pictures of this living / dining room done by Studio Azimut's architects

2. The dining room is set up in the same space as the living room, with a different layout

Jean-Marc Palisse

House side likes: the contemporary design of this dining room open to the living room. The two zones follow one another without ground separation, while being delimited by a different arrangement: vertical / horizontal. A good idea to differentiate spaces without visually marking them with a partition.

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3. The dining room separated from the living room by an ultra-decorative dresser

Jean-Marc Palisse

House side likes: the trick of the 1950 hutch at the Puces de Saint-Ouen to separate the dining room from the living room, without clearly delimiting the two spaces with a partition. And yes, the furniture is not limited to being placed against a wall, they can also serve as a separator. Choose to back the sofa against the dresser for a layout of the show already well orchestrated! And do not forget to opt for a dresser height that hides the top of the sofa.

4. A load-bearing wall, duck blue and a carpet define the two zones of the stay

Christoph Theurer

House side likes: living room and dining room share this beautiful open volume of 80 m2. Part of the wall separating the living room from the dining room was shot down, the remaining part allows to delimit the two spaces. Well identifiable, the dining room is dressed in a duck blue wall. And the reception area is defined around a carpet under the coffee table.

5. A fixture identifies the dining area and a rug delineates the seating area

Paul Allain -

House side likes: the cut XXL lighting that allows to illuminate with force or softness the dining room, and especially to mark the area dedicated to meals. The living room is identified with a large patchwork vintage carpet placed under the coffee table.

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6. A dining room open to the living room but separated by a difference in floor

Olivier Hallot

House side likes: to subdivide the space without partitioning it, the architect opted for a set of levels. The living room was installed slightly below the kitchen and the dining room. A subtle bluish gray marks the dining area.

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7. A small open space that houses the kitchen, dining room and living room

House side likes: these three rooms (kitchen, dining room and living room) melted in one: a contemporary layout that allows greater fluidity and space savings. The omnipresent white also helps to visually enlarge the space.

More photos of this stay with open kitchen

8. This large living room cleverly delineates the spaces

Alain Potignon

House side likes: the clever layout of this large living room that combines several spaces in one. The kitchen is separated from the living room on one side by a bar, on the other by a low wall and a glazed trellis realized to measure. The wall of the dining room is dressed in purple to mark the space in color. And the living room, is structured with a rug under the coffee table. Good point: the back of the sofa structures the axis of circulation.

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