The 2013 Côté Sud lounge is decorating your terrace


This year at the Salon Vivre Côté Sud, spotlight on the terraces. Of all shapes and colors, come get inspiration!

1. A "terrace and garden" consulting center:

Choice of plants, materials, decorative style, layout of the swimming area, ... Personalized advice and free to best make his garden or terrace by the landscape architect Marseille Thomas Gentilini and his agency Parks and Mediterranean Gardens. Its landscape architects offer the visitor freehand sketches of their future projects on the basis of a plan or a photo.

2. Stages of terraces

A first terrace facing the main aisle of the living room, "Plein soleil" by Geneviève Dortignac on a deck extended by a swimming pool.

On the pool in the heart of the lounge, a pontoon terrace: "The art of doing nothing" by Fabienne Spahn.

Urban, the terrace designed by Fabienne Spahn welcomes a gourmet stop and plays the informal card of street art and spirit reclaimed in the alcove.

Animated terrace, the one that extends the space dedicated to culinary animations is entrusted to Fabienne Spahn with the complicity of Serge Bensimon, who celebrates a relaxed and colorful lifestyle.

At the top of the steps of the waterfall, "A breakfast in the sun" by Muriel Galibert.

and lots of other surprises to discover on the south side living room!

3. A conference on the installation of a terrace in the South

Sunday, June 9 at 17:00 "A terrace facing south"

Seaside or countryside, north or south orientation, shade or sun impose choices in terms of development and plants. Green walls or roofs are also new ways to control vegetation. Advice and exchanges with Thomas Gentilini, landscaper, who has signed the terrace of the famous restaurant Le Petit Nice in Marseille, but also that of MUCEM. Moderator: Michèle Leloup, journalist

4. Exhibitors on the Garden and Landscaping side

Find on the show all that you need to put into practice all these good tips and ideas gleaned throughout your day.

Find your happiness among the 6 landscapers of the Salon Vivre Côté Sud, the 8 exhibitors of garden furniture, the 8 exhibitors of pergolas and other terrace shelters, the 6 exhibitors to make or redo your terrace floor (pavement, lawn, etc.) And many more !

Not to mention the 206 other exhibitors of the show side South 2013!