SOS Sophie: 11 strong ideas to refresh a bathroom

Sophie Ferjani helps you to modernize your old-fashioned bathroom.

Christine Soler

Want to give a boost to your old-fashioned bathroom? The decorator Sophie Ferjani helps you modernize her with her simple and clever tips.

Tired of the old-fashioned color of your bathroom, the tiled floor year 70, the bathtub that takes all the place, the shower curtain yellowed? Sophie Ferjani helps you to modernize your bathroom with 11 simple and clever ideas, drawn from the SOS Sophie special bathroom makeover.

1. Repaint the tiles to avoid breaking it

To give a fresh touch to the tiling of your bathroom, no need to break everything. Just use a tile paint. So your old-fashioned blue tile or old-fashioned brown will show off a beautiful, modern hue. Feel free to opt for the gray, furiously trendy. So your bathroom will take a serious facelift, with a little time, but very little money.

2. Build a trendy walk-in shower

Rather than keeping a tub that takes up a lot of space, Sophie Ferjani proposes in the episode "SOS Sophie: redo a bathroom without a bath" to install a walk-in shower, saving space. She opts for a ready-to-tile foam tray. Its advantage? It can be cut and thus marry perfectly the shape of the walls, which is not the case of traditional receivers, square or rectangular.

3. To better organize the circulation in the room

In a bathroom in length, Sophie Ferjani advises to prioritize the furniture on the same side, to avoid obstructing the passage and keep good traffic. With a square bathroom, many arrangements are possible and the four walls can be used. If the space is less than 2m2, use only two walls to continue running in the bathroom.

4. Repaint the toilets instead of changing them

This is not because your sanitary are no longer up to date with an old-fashioned color (blue, pink, brown ...) that you must necessarily change them and provide additional expenses. A layer of paint can be enough to give a second life to your bathtub and your sink. There are adapted paintings.

5. Lay a modern tile with XXL tiles

If you want to break your tile stamped 70s and not repaint it, Sophie Ferjani proposes to replace it with slate tiles for a contemporary bathroom, very pronounced style! Today tiles appear with large tiles - usually 40 x 40cm or 40 x 60cm - and with very successful imitation effects.

6. Replace the shower curtain with a glass shower screen

In the episode "SOS Sophie: modernize an old-fashioned bathroom", Sophie Ferjani proposes to replace the shower rod and curtain withered by a safety glass shower screen, more discreet and above all, more modern. It brings a youthful look to the bathroom and at a lower cost and without breaking everything.

7. Enhance the walk-in shower by using the same tile for the floor and shower wall

Sophie Ferjani advises in the episode "SOS Sophie: arrange a bathroom all in length" to tile the large wall attached to the shower in the Italian with the same tiles as those present on the receiver: the set will be put together in value and will reveal all its beauty. The decorator advises, for the rest of the walls, to use another tint of tiling.

8. Adopt hanging bathroom furniture and design

In a small bathroom, Sophie Ferjani suggests using hanging bathroom furniture. In addition to being design and aerial, they free up space on the floor and less clutter your bathroom. They certainly bring a wind of contemporaneity and lightness to the room.

9. Enlarge the space with a mirror

If you feel cramped in your bathroom, here is a simple trick to visually offer you a few extra square meters: the installation of a large mirror can create a beautiful impression of space. Placed in vis-à-vis, two mirrors will enlarge your bathroom to infinity!

10. Do not use wallpaper but special paint

Sophie Ferjani advises against using wallpaper in a pond. Indeed, with heat and humidity, the wallpaper may come off. We let you imagine more ... Prefer rather a satin paint water resistant, special bathroom. Perfectly adapted, these paints are washable and also washable: ideal for areas around the sink and bath, prone to mold.

11. On the floor, prefer PVC or tiles

The floor of your bathroom should not be afraid of water. Sophie Ferjani strongly advises to put parquet and chooses a PVC floor - some of them very well imitate the wood - or tiling: two coatings perfectly adapted to water features, resistant to shocks and moisture. The trendy coating of the moment? Glazed porcelain stoneware wins many votes!