The decorative trick of Aurélie Hémar: create original shelves

The decorative trick of Aurélie Hémar: create original shelves

France 2

In the Decorative Workshop, Aurélie Hémar relooks the room of the little Yanis. With a few wooden lockers, scraps of wallpaper and a few ideas, the decorator makes highly personalized nesting shelves. Demonstration in video.

If you have old wine boxes or wooden boxes that you do not know what to do, take inspiration from Aurélie Hémar's decor trick of this Saturday, October 09, 2015. To revise the room of little Yanis, the decorator creates shelves very deco and customizable to the envy. Tutorial to discover in video.

Video: how to create beautiful decorative shelves with wooden lockers

Material needed to create a shelf with wooden crates:

- 4 boxes of raw wood

- Wallpaper

- Wallpaper glue

- Acrylic paints

- Paint brushes

- Strong glue or glue gun

- Screwdriver drill

- Wood screws

- Wooden squares

Aurélie Hémar's tutorial to make a shelf in less than an hour

1. Paint the wooden boxes without underlay because the wood is raw.

2. Cut out pieces of wallpaper beforehand to the dimensions of the bottom of the boxes.

3. Put some paper glue in the bottom of the boxes and then glue the pieces of wallpaper.

4. Assemble the boxes together with strong glue or a glue gun.

5. Secure feet to the assembly with 4 wooden brackets and wood screws.

Find the Atelier déco with Aurélie Hémar on France 2 on Saturday at 17h15 and 18h.

The decorative shelves created by Aurélie Hémar

France 2