Christmas decorations hanging on the tree

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Your Christmas balls are hanging on the tree? Complete your party decoration with these 17 crisp suspensions ...

Put a zest of fantasy in your Christmas tree! To vary the pleasures and go out of the traditional Christmas balls, we fall for small decorations hanging from the tree. From little knit hearts, to snowy golden pine cones, to a twisted barley sugar, Christmas promises to be happily decorated.

Chalet atmosphere for the Christmas tree

For a wintery and warm note, we fall for red Christmas decorations inspired cottage for the fir tree. A tree loaded with pretty decor, we love it.

Note of freshness for a Christmas tree

Silver? It's bright, fresh and elegant. When Christmas suspensions sport a silver look, they are very quickly passed for small Christmas jewelry.

For a golden Christmas tree

Gold is a must in the Christmas tree. With the originality of decorations to hang on the Christmas tree, gold becomes above all a fancy trend.

Bright decorations for a Christmas tree

Whether in suspensions or flakes deposited here and there on the branches of the tree, the white is always very elegant.

A bit of lightness for Christmas

A barley sugar or a fir tree, a snowman laughing or a heart worked more rustic way, the Christmas tree is the perfect backdrop for hanging these little fantasies.