My office at the bottom of the garden

Leroy Merlin

Work at home? Why not ? Provided you create a real office and separate from the rest of the house. Leroy Merlin suggests to install it at the bottom of the garden. An attractive idea ...

More and more French people are tempted to work from home. If exercising one's profession at home has many advantages, it is not always easy to mix the professional space with the place of personal life. Separating your office from rooms where you share family friendly moments and places where you like to relax is essential. For this nothing better than to move this new room away from home. Why not for example by installing it at the bottom of the garden, as Leroy Merlin suggests?

With this project, the specialist in construction, DIY and gardening, offers you a real source of inspiration. The space gained here represents 7.8 m2. What to welcome a comfortable office space and work at home, far from the hustle and bustle of the house. Gain of space and comfort assured with this construction in framework wood light and dismountable much less expensive than an extension. Optimized, this desk can even accommodate a child next to his or her parent's homework time.

A composition of storage, open and closed, unfurl on the wall.

Leroy Merlin

Want to make your own desk at the bottom of the garden?

Leroy Merlin presents the main stages of realization of this project. Useful and necessary information to guide the big DIYers and help them get started.

Difficulty level of work: Intermediate Duration: 20 days (8 hours / day, excluding site preparation, finishing work and drying time)

Manpower: 1 person (and one-time help from a second person to handle materials)

A beautiful wooden facade all in harmony.

Leroy Merlin

The project in 5 steps

The wood construction has a considerable advantage: the elements can be prefabricated and assembled in situ when the time comes! Note, do not forget to provide a small trench from the house to bury two sleeves (strong current and low current).

Five steps are needed to build your new cocoon. To discover them in detail, go to the renovation guide of Leroy Merlin pages 28 to 33.

  1. The construction of the wooden floor on concrete pads to elevate the construction and avoid the rise of soil moisture.
  2. The assembly of the wood structure. The panels nailed to the frames (smooth, uprights) ensure the rigidity of the "box".
  3. The realization of the roof terrace to protect the construction site from bad weather.
  4. The exterior of the building: panels, cleats, clapboard, ... the wood is flexible and adapts to all projects.
  5. The interior of the building: the insulation, very powerful, is integrated in all the thickness of the walls.

With this office, the day begins with beauty and once its doors closed, no doubt the day is beautiful and well done!

An independent workplace while staying at home, much cheaper over the term than an office rental.

Leroy Merlin