Isabelle Dhordain: "I put my music in the hall!"

Frederic Poletti

Producer and host of the Bridge of Artists on France Inter, Isabelle Dhordain, has accepted that French House comes to see a little closer how it cohabit with his records and CDs.

Isabelle Dhordain, producer and host of the "Pont des artistes" on France Inter

Arthur H, Juliette, Benjamin Biolay, Vincent Delerm, The Straight Heads ... she discovered them all. Curious, inquisitive, outstanding observer of musical life, Isabelle Dhordain created the show Le pont des artistes, on France Inter, some 25 years ago, with his father Roland Dhordain, former boss of the radio station. "At home, I have 12 years of archive of the show." And that's not all: the main hallway of his Paris apartment in the 9th arrondissement houses nearly 8,000 CDs. "I counted no less than 9 rows of CDs of French artists, 7 meters long, multiplied by 9!" A cave of Ali Baba. With rarities, such as this CD from Martinique Kali or Vincent Delerm's first model - "He was my intern at France Inter and on this model, there is the phone number of his parents, because he still lived at home the time."

Where do you store your records and CDs?

Isabelle Dhordain: "In my hallway, on shelves I made myself with boards and squares."

How do you rank them?

Isabelle Dhordain: "By genre - French, Anglo-Saxons, Latin music, jazz, classical ..., then in alphabetical order."

What instrument do you play at home?

Isabelle Dhordain: "At the age of 14, I wanted the same one as Georges Brassens I always have at home in Paris, and I have two electric guitars in the country, in Berry."

What are you listening to right now ?

Isabelle Dhordain: "A little broken, Yoanna's last album."

Little secret between friends:

Isabelle Dhordain: "In my office, I also put a few CDs in old wooden crates, which are ideal for storing two rows of CDs."