17 tips for a home where life is good

Renovation of an 87 m2 Haussmann apartment by interior designer Mélanie Lallemand Flucher

Director Mélanie Lallemand Architectures / Photo Sophie Loubaton

With l'want a natural interior, everyday practice, the house becomes a peaceful place to live. Follow the pro tips for to create a pleasant interior ! Enter natural paint, good ventilation and smart gestures, the architect designer Mélanie Lallemand Flucher and the architect DPLG Alexandra Crémois decipher the good gestures for a home that promotes inner well-being.

In a world where everything goes very fast, where the images flow and where we are constantly solicited, our interior is a refuge. A space where we can meet, alone or with family, to rest too. The house protects us while leaving us free. It must remain open to the outside world, to nature. "The physical, carnal needs to be reassured while the spiritual being needs to escape, decrypts Melanie Lallemand Flucher, founder of the agency Melanie Lallemand Architectures.The house is a journey of the spirit. "

Beyond this protective need, we are also looking for a "better life" at home. Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, natural paint, good ventilation or intelligent management of magnetic fields are ways to clean our space. Discover the advice of Mélanie Lallemand Flucher, architect designer, and Alexandra Crémois, architect DPLG, for a house where life is good, in every sense of the word.

1. Prepare the room for a better sleep

Important room in the house, the room is a rest area. "The temperature of the room must be cool for a better sleep and a physical comfort, advises Mélanie Lallemand Flucher, architect designer.The room is preferably in the North to limit the heat in summer.And for a sensitive comfort, the head of the bed is facing the door to see the person who comes in and feel reassured.It is a reflex of primitive survival that is in us.

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2. Betting on a custom bathroom according to each need

Before deciding on the layout of the bathroom, it is wise to ask the right questions. "The bathroom is defined according to the habits and habits of each, says Alexandra Cremois, architect DPLG.Who occupies the bathroom? And what time? A double-basin or a second toilet can be very practical if the room is used by different people at the same time. " The shower is also a key point. It is more and more generous, with a bench for comfort or a rim for a practical side. Storage, they are hidden to preserve a peaceful atmosphere.

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Concealed storage allows you to create a well-being bathroom.

Director Mélanie Lallemand Architectures / Photo Sophie Loubaton

3. Opt for soft colors in a room

For a refuge room, think about color. "We are moving towards walls with light colors but the dark colors, bedrock behind the bed, for example, are enveloping", confirms Alexandra Cremois.

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4. Limit the decor to three key elements

In order to avoid soliciting the eye permanently, the decoration has three strong elements maximum. "The look must not be dispersed," insists Alexandra Cremois "Cement tile floors, a stone wall and wooden niches but no more than three dominant elements!" The decoration must also soothe the eyes. "In a world of images, we need to recharge our batteries at home," confirms Mélanie Lallemand Flucher, "Start by removing everything that hinders the look: mail, bags, shoes, etc. must have a dedicated place and storage is hidden. "

5. Prefer a clean room to sleep better

With the idea of ​​creating a peaceful room, space needs to be purified to gain serenity. "Avoid having an office in the room or keep it tidy," suggests Alexandra Cremois, "In the same way, the dressing room must be concealed by beautiful curtains." In a child's room, think about giving it a space Bazaar with big drawers or bins to keep everything tidy and a softer space for the night. "

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6. Install a green corner in the kitchen

To respect the well-being of all, bring nature into the kitchen. "Accessible aromatic plants invite the garden to the table," says Mélanie Lallemand Flucher, "an opportunity to train children with simple flavors and to flavor our small dishes with fresh products."

7. Remove magnetic field sources in the chamber

To sleep well, spread the sources of magnetic fields that can disturb sleep. "Keep the catches 50 cm away from the headboard," says the architect designer, "they create a magnetic field that is harmful to sleep, and you also prefer LED bulbs for neon-compact bulbs for lamps close to the bed."

8. Use color intelligently in the bathroom

The bathroom is often a small space, the decor is more involved in creating a pleasant place to live. "Color is essential in the bathroom," stresses Mélanie Lallemand Flucher, no red or black in mass, but desaturated blue, light to medium, old roses, gold and unbleached tones, some touches of bright colors. A monochromatic style, from the walls through the shower cover to the accessories, is very relaxing for the eye.The ceiling is preferably white.Prefer a window with a transparent glass equipped with blinds or curtains, rather than a sandblasted glass which closes the space and, as far as possible, of course, we must privilege intimacy here! "

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9. To ventilate the house for a healthy air

In order to enjoy a healthy home, all rooms need to be well ventilated. "With the years, healthy bedding will degrade, polluting and developing mites, says Mélanie Lallemand Flucher.A good ventilation of the room is important."

Like the bedroom, the living room, bathroom or kitchen requires good ventilation. "The new materials that are more respectful of the environment are also more respectful of our health," says the architect designer, "but nothing will replace good ventilation!" In addition to the furniture, the coatings and products we use, our breathing and our fashion In the long run, they generate stale air (carbon dioxide emitted by breathing or tobacco smoke, for example), especially since, in order to save energy, our homes are becoming increasingly isolated. 'advantage to ventilate them.'

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10. Finishing a practical and welcoming entrance

Arriving in the house, the entrance is an airlock. We leave behind the outside world. It is also a reflection of the rest of the house. The reception must be simple and practical, for us as for visiting visitors. "In an entry, storage must be easy," says Mélanie Lallemand Flucher, "you need to be able to throw your coat when you get there, take off your shoes and put them away." If you're embarrassed, the storage is not done. " A wooden bench to sit on arrival, design hooks and colorful, a nice suspension to illuminate the space are all ways to draw a pleasant entrance to live.

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In the entrance, everything must be thought of to make life easier every day.

Director Mélanie Lallemand Architectures / Photo Hélène Hilaire

11. Create a reassuring and open living room

The living room is the place where the inhabitants of the house meet for quiet moments and warmer times. Everyone needs to feel at home and be at their best. "In the living room, we have the opposite need to be reassured (with alcove areas, a protected side, evocative of the maternal body) and to be free at the same time with a look on the outside (a clear view, in perspective, without feeling locked up.) The eye must be able to escape, "decrypts Mélanie Lallemand Flucher.

Renovation of an 87 m2 Haussmann apartment by interior designer Mélanie Lallemand Flucher

Director Mélanie Lallemand Architectures / Photo Sophie Loubaton

12. Thinking kitchen layout with intelligence

Each kitchen project is unique and needs to adapt to your needs. "Open or closed kitchen, with a battery of chef at hand or a large central island, the desires are multiple," recalls Alexandra Cremois Ask yourself how you cook and what you do in the kitchen to determine the one that suits you Be careful of the modes and make sure to respect the triangle of activity with reduced distances between the water point, the hob and the refrigerator. "

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13. Multiply luminaires for suitable lighting

Lighting also has a decisive role to bring well-being. "Prefer indirect lighting to avoid eye contact and give the impression of natural light, suggests Melanie Lallemand Flucher.Various spots of light create a reassuring, carnal.The lighting can also customize a space or promote a reading corner."

In the kitchen, to create an atmosphere where life is good and have a suitable light, be sure to provide bright spots with integrated LEDs, for example, according to the needs and layout of the room.

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14. Playing with colors for a living room with several moods

With the idea of ​​a living space with two personalities, the colors are allies to define the different areas present in a multifunction room as the living room. "In a living room at two heights, we opt for the dark colors in the alcove (a duck green, for example) and a solar color for the part where escapes the gaze (a dapper yellow, for example), advises Mélanie Lallemand Flucher And in general, the colors are to reduce to the maximum to maintain a feeling of well-being. " Keep in mind that white is not always synonymous with sanitized space! "The piece must live, be joyous," insists Alexandra Cremois, "white has the advantage of bringing light inside, it can be awakened by touches of color, a mustard or a curry, on a cushion or a tablecloth, to be renewed according to the desires. "

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The colors make it possible to multiply the personalities in the living room.

Director Mélanie Lallemand Architectures / Photo Sophie Loubaton

15. Prefer a VMC for the bathroom

Wet room par excellence, the bathroom requires very good ventilation to avoid mold. "Renewing the air with ventilation grids (well proportioned) associated with a VMC is essential, supports Melanie Lallemand Flucher.The fresh air inlets are through the living rooms while the evacuation of the ambient air is done by wet rooms (bathroom, kitchen, laundry) I also recommend placing a suction in the dressing room, a room usually without windows, where the air exchange is almost nonexistent. more expensive to install but contributes to energy savings over the long term. "

16. Imagine an open kitchen full of tricks

The kitchen evolves towards a convivial side. "The chef-in-chief is no longer isolated," says Mélanie Lallemand Flucher, "A great work plan for meeting favors good evenings with friends or family, where everyone participates in the preparation of the meal. the kitchen in the living room or the dining room, the kitchen furniture need not be identified as such, they blend with the other furniture in the house, so we will be thinking of preserving a space on the worktop sheltered from the direct views for equipment such as coffee machine, kettle, etc ... In any case, the kitchen must be equipped with a low noise but powerful extractor hood.It may be wider than the only hot plate area to suck also the vapors from the kettle, deep fryer or electric steamer. "

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The kitchen furniture becomes stylish to integrate with the rest of the room.

Director Mélanie Lallemand Architectures / Photo Sophie Loubaton

17. Dare to put color in the house

Colors can create gluttony. "The cuisine, for example, lends itself to the play of colors, says Alexandra Crémois, without apprehension, do not hesitate to renew them according to the desires.And if you do not manage to decide, put some white everywhere and realize a color test on a wall. "