Wine cellars: which one to choose?


Small recesses or wide open spaces, wine cellars nestle everywhere to watch over our precious bottles! Lovers of grand cru can keep and let their bottles age without fear. And as the cellars offer the possibility of storing between 16 and 200 bottles at the desired temperature, everyone can choose their ideal location: kitchen, pantry ...

An improved wine cellar

This ICBWS-30 wine cellar with its two insulated thermal zones, holds 147 bottles. 4 to 18 ° C, W 76.20 x H 213.40 x D 61 cm, 13188 euros, Sub-Zero.


A practical and built-in wine cellar

The CB354V wine cellar is compact and easy to integrate under a countertop with its 90 cm pantry drawer for 16 bottles. 8 to 12 ° C, H 35 x W 86 x D 55 cm, 2120 euros, Kitchenaid.


A wine cellar XS

Despite its small size, this wine cellar has a storage capacity of 54 bottles. 7 to 20 ° C, W 85 x H 55 x D 56 cm, price on request, Brandt.


A versatile wine cellar at Liebherr

A modern box for 200 bottles, Liebherr's WTb 4212 multi-temperature wine cabinet offers up to 6 storage areas. 5 to 18 ° C, H 165 x W 60 x D 73.90 cm, 1599 euros, Liebherr.


A service wine cellar

The Wine Cellar Service can look after 35 bottles. 4 to 18 ° C, H 85 x W 48 x D 49 cm, 258 euros, La Sommeliere.

The Sommeliere

A wine cellar touch

The wine cellar with 198 bottles has a digital display and two distinct temperature ranges for red wines or white and rosé wines. From 6 to 22 ° C. H 185 x W 60 x D 65 cm, 1999 euros, Smeg.