One house, two versions


Advantage to call an architect or a builder like Trabeco: we submit several projects and we choose the one that pleases the most. This is what happened with this contemporary house.

  • Total area: 182 m2.
  • Ground floor : living room (48 m2), kitchen-cellar (20 m2), master suite with bathroom-dressing room.
  • Floor: landing-mezzanine, office, 2 bedrooms with bathroom.
  • Basement: laundry room and garage for two cars.

When the customer asked the manufacturer Trabeco, he expressed his wishes: modernity outside, clarity inside. Several proposals were made to him, including a set of cubes resting on concrete pillars to anchor the house on steep ground. The unhooked volumes and the different levels of waterproof flat roofs pleased immediately. The material of the walls, Imerys brick covered with plaster, too. The adopted structure remained to animate the facade. Veranda or not? Dressing or white coating everywhere? To help the customer decide, Construction Mont St Michel Trabeco dealer in the Channel, has submitted two possible versions.

Project N ° 1: with veranda

The facade is all white, except a wall coated gray anthracite. A gray tinted aluminum veranda moves forward on the outside, extending the living room and becomes a living room in its own right. Its roof is partially glazed.


Project N ° 2: with cladding

The version preferred by the customer. The white facade is dressed in places with external siding. Again, three possibilities of coating: either small strips of chestnut or composite wood, or a brown scraped coating with tiny grooves, which takes the appearance of wood without the disadvantages because it does not age, a solution adopted in fine. In this version finally, the veranda no longer advances but closes the living room, and the terrace is sheltered under a sunshade with adjustable slats.

A personalized choice

This example proves that a builder of single-family homes like Trabeco, of which Construction Mont St Michel is one of the largest dealers (1600 houses built in 25 years in South Channel ...) can make multiple proposals to its customers. At Trabeco, no house is like another. Each project is the result of a close consultation which, throughout the works, will lead to a unique construction, from the main work to the decoration. For more information: