Isolation: estimate the tax credit


You undertake insulation work, what tax benefits can you benefit from?

"A company has to do the insulation of my roof, I asked the amount of the tax credit that I can get before I give my consent, but I'm not sure that this information is reliable. " Mrs Nolsen from Pantin (93)

Any undertaking carrying out work has a duty to inform about the technical interventions that it proposes. It can also provide information on the tax benefit that the customer can benefit from. If the information was inaccurate, the craftsman would be liable.

Especially if the argument of the tax credit, by increasing the amount of the tax benefit, you decided to accept the quote. You would then be entitled to claim damages. This is what the Court of Cassation concluded about a solar panel installer who had exaggerated the amount of the tax credit to convince his client to accept the quote.

The court ruled that the craftsman should have collected all the information to estimate the amount of the tax benefit and sentenced him to pay 1,500 euros in damages (Cour de cassation, judgment of 8 March 2012, 1st chamber civil).