Small spaces

SOS Sophie: optimizing a small corridor

Christine Soler

Create storage space in a tiny L-shaped hallway, this is the new challenge raised by Sophie Ferjani ...

Etienne has just moved into a new apartment and does not know how to build his small corridor. The L-shaped entrance is only one meter wide, making storage difficult.

The advice of Sophie Ferjani in summary

1. Create a cloakroom by moving a partition

In order to gain storage space in the corridor, Sophie Ferjani advises Etienne to fetch the unused space above his washing machine in the bathroom, behind the wall of the corridor. By modifying the partition, he can create a closet with a coat 60 cm deep in his corridor. It takes, in fact, 55 cm at least of depth to install belts.

This storage created, Sophie Ferjani offers Etienne to install pretty closet doors to hide his coats on the corridor. On the bathroom side, Etienne can hang shelves or a towel radiator on the new partition.

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2. Hide the faults of the corridor

The wall behind the front door of Etienne has many defects: counter, small hot water tank, pipes ... All these elements are not very decorative. To hide them, Sophie Ferjani thinks to install a curtain of color in front of the wall.

The good idea decor: paint the wall of the door of the same color as the curtain to give an effect of depth in this small hallway.

3. Install custom furniture

If Etienne needs a lot of storage space in his little hall, Sophie Ferjani proposes to create also a custom furniture taking the whole height of the wall and shallow.

There are also small shoe storage cabinets 20 cm deep that will suit the corridor of Etienne's small apartment.

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