The glass wall: the XXL version of your windows

The glass wall: the XXL version of your windows

Philippe Ruault

If you have outdoor desires even when you are at home, why not try the glass wall? Real skylight and easy to install, it will please more than one! Here are some tips for making the right choice.

With the glass wall, the partitions take on the appearance of paintings and frames open to the surrounding nature. Whether during construction or renovation, glass is now available in XXL version. In the form of a panoramic wall, it allows a game of transparency where any boundary between inside and outside seems abolished. "Currently, it is a regular demand from individuals and architects multiply projects in this direction," says Nicole Perez at Technal.

The wall of glass makes it possible to bet on the sight

This is the prime motivation in choosing a glass wall. "Whether you look at the sea, the mountains or the countryside, the wall looks like a painting," says interior designer Christine Borella, who is finishing a house project where huge bays are facing to mountains. "It's an open framework on nature," continues Nicole Perez. Add to this a necessarily finer structure than sliding and a monumental side that removes any notion of window or bay.

Large fixed bay for a panoramic view. On the right, a glass wall that follows the roof slope of a chalet. All, "Soleal" by Technal

Technal / Philippe Ruault

The wall of glass makes it possible to bring in the light

Opting for a glass wall also brings a source of extra natural light. This allows to redraw interior volumes, give rhythm to the room. Knowing that this type of realization is to be reserved for large areas. For Christine Borella, "you need at least a room of 50 m2 to get a nice effect". In the building site she is closing, the room bordered by a glass wall is a double living room of 80 m2.

Do not neglect the insulation for its glass wall

"If the wall is facing south, we can mix a heated glass interior glass with solar control glass glazing", advocates Estelle Chollet at Vitrum Glass. The goal is to be warm in the winter and protect from the UV light in good weather. Knowing that the more we put on glass in large proportions and the more we will evoke an impression of cold from the first frosts, "we must generate comfort through a heated glass," continues Estelle Chollet. And there is no reason to deprive yourself because a multifunction glazing can not exceed 35 mm thick. This dimension can however be doubled if one integrates a motorized blind between two glasses. An interesting option in a bedroom or bathroom. But Christine Borella dresses more willingly a wall of glass with curtains, curtains or Japanese panels.

Philippe Ruault

Precautions to take when installing a glass wall

"We must think carefully before making a glass wall," warns Nicole Perez. Indeed, any realization of this type is compromised if there is no ventilation system in the room. In addition, it is better to ensure that the cleaning will be easy "because after the rain, if you can not wash, it's quickly horror," says Technal specialist. Finally, it recalls that the lack of shutter on a glass wall involves the installation of an anti-burglary glazing. Playing transparency is also about security.

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