The different shower systems


Looking for an easy-to-install, highly innovative and stylish shower system? You are in the right place. GROHE presents remarkable solutions that adapt to all bathrooms. Presentation of the different options ...

The system for which you will opt will determine the elegance and versatility of your shower. It is therefore important not to be mistaken. Opting for a thermostatic shower system is a safe bet. You can also during a renovation choose a system without valves that will connect directly to an existing faucet. Zoom on these different elements that should not be neglected in the bathroom.

Thermostatic shower systems

A thermostatic mixing valve is essential to properly design a shower. It mixes hot and cold water depending on the temperature you selected. Featuring GROHE TurboStat® technology, this mixer responds to any variation in water flow or temperature by adjusting the water mixture. It helps maintain the exact temperature of the water for the duration of your shower. No more Scottish showers, you are protected from abrupt changes in water supply when another person uses water in the house, the risk of burns in case of cold water supply stop, ... For more comfort, the GROHE thermostatic mixing valves regulate the temperature in 0.3 seconds. If you cut the water for a few moments, the temperature delivered at the reopening will be the same as that chosen previously. You save water and energy because you will not need to constantly readjust the temperature! To you security, comfort and economy.


Note that the thermostatic shower system can also be integrated into a bathtub for a safer and more comfortable bath / shower experience.


Shower systems with single-lever mixer

You can also choose a system equipped with a single-lever mixer with diverter. Flow and temperature control is achieved with a single lever thanks to GROHE SilkMove® technology. Seeing the position of the joystick is a plus for some: it provides a visual cue that helps to adjust the temperature even faster.


Shower systems with diverter

This is ideal for renovation projects! With GROHE inversion systems, you can quickly replace your old shower bar with an all-in-one solution. These systems have been designed to connect very easily to the already installed faucet. Easy, practical and aesthetic.


Find the shower or shower system that's right for you with just a few clicks thanks to the GROHE Configurator and choose from the options available.