And why not a modular kitchen and color block?

The Lago brand invents customizable kitchen modules


A kitchen almost custom thanks to these modules of the brand Lago. Their size, shape and material are variable to wish to create a fully personalized kitchen. We, we like ...

The kitchen "36e8", brand Lago, is fully modular. At the base, an element of 36.8 x 36.8 cm which one declines the multiples to create modules of different formats, square or rectangular. This arithmetic game is unique for all furniture imagined by Daniele Lago, the young artistic director of the family business, based for fifty years in Padua, Italy: sofas, dressing rooms, storage units, bathrooms ...

For facades of MDF furniture, some 20 colors of matt or gloss lacquered glasses are available. Worktops are made of glass, quartz, Laminglass (a glossy laminate) or Corian. The composition presented here combines closed boxes (their doors open by simple pressure) and open (containing built-in oven, trinkets, dishes and cookbooks), matt and glossy finishes, various heights of grip. The result is a personalized, rhythmic and airy cuisine. Lago is located in Lyon, Bordeaux, Rennes, La Rochelle, and recently in Paris.