Whirlpools special relaxation


Whirlpools special relaxation


With the new whirlpool baths, focus on well-being at home. Bubbles, water, massages, we sign for these 12 models of balneo baths guaranteeing a relaxing parenthesis ...

Create your own relaxation area at home: this is now possible with the new generation whirlpool baths. Equipped with hydromassage nozzles, these baths are designed to massage all areas of the body: shoulders, legs, back, feet ... And even if these massages do not constitute a therapeutic solution, they are perfect to fight against some small muscle pains or against daily stress. In addition to these relaxing or invigorating massages, some models allow you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, treatments distilled with essential oils or even chromotherapy, treatments using the de-stressing benefits of colors. A real spa at home!

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1. A spa bath with spa nozzles

This model of bath offers a new concept and patented by the brand: the relaxing benefits of balneotherapy are here associated with the tonic effects of spa jets, for an incomparable massage power.

Spaneo Maestro whirlpool bath in Puretex. Available in two sizes: 170 x 75 cm, capacity: 155 liters and 180 x 80 cm, capacity: 145 liters. 2 nozzle designs to choose from. Water and air massages, 4 automatic programs, air lymphatic drainage, chromotherapy and aromatherapy as standard. Bluetooth system and optional headrest. From 5289 euros (20% VAT). Aquarine.


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2. Whirlpool bath: back to the past ...

Designed by Marcello Cutino for the Roca brand, this whirlpool bath takes the codes of the 1930s bathtubs. Equipped with the Total whirlpool system comprising 18 jets of air and 14 jets of water, this bathtub combines invigorating water massages and relaxing air massages.

America acrylic bathtub, whirlpool version. Dimensions: 180 x 100 x H. 42 cm. Total Balneo system. Electronic numerical control. Hydromassage air and water controlled by a digital LCD panel, with different massage programs, continuous or pulsating, and an electronic Venturi. Lateral, dorsal and plantar nozzles, and air injectors located in the bottom of the bath, adjustable by keypad. Temperature and level sensors for better bath performance. About 6170 euros. Roca.


3. A high quality whirlpool bath

This steel whirlpool bath is equipped with the BetteAirjet Plus system, exclusive of the German brand. A sophisticated program that relies on the combination of an air bubble system equipped with electronic dosing and a water system with aerial dosing. 12 nozzles on the floor, 8 large water nozzles on the side and small jets on the feet and head, ensure perfect relaxation.

Oval bathtub BetteSteel Duo steel. Dimensions: 180 x 80 x 42 cm. With the BetteAirjet Plus system and LEDs. Bathtub with BetteAirjet Plus system, 17160 euros (20% VAT). Bette.


4. A contemporary whirlpool bath

Design thanks to its black glass apron, this whirlpool bath is equipped with an Air system propelling thousands of bubbles for a real sensation of relaxation. A relaxation which also passes by the diffusion of music possible thanks to a bluetooth connection.

Thala rectangular whirlpool bath. Dim: L.180 x W.80 cm. 6 side massage nozzles in chrome ABS. Air system for a relaxing and gentle massage. 2 years warranty. 2090 euros faucet and waterfall spout included. Massplus at Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

5. 4-function whirlpool bath

Original, this spa bath has decided to make you find all the natural sensations of a river's white water, thanks to 4 different functions: the function "cascade" will massage the neck, with the pleasure of hot water on Shoulders, the function "fast" is intended for massage trapezoids, function "currents" invites you to a toning massage of the back (4 nozzles), and finally, the function "whirlpools" (8 nozzles) reserves a real massage wrapping.

Bathtub whirlpool Riverbath without bath spout integrated acrylic (E5V16000). Dimensions: 190.5 x 114.3 cm. 4 LED spots with stop on colors. Volume 400 L. System warranty 2 years. 5 year tank warranty. From 17 199 euros. Jacob Delafon.

Jacob Delafon

6. A spa bath à la carte

Personalize your whirlpool system with the Lagune bathtub in white acryl, which can be equipped with the choice of 4 systems, more or less sophisticated (Pearl, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond). First prize, the Pearl version provides a tonic massage via 6 adjustable nozzles and 10 air injectors.

Balneo bathtub right model Lagoon. Dimensions: L. 170 x l. 75 cm. Capacity: 210 L. Pearl version: Tonus massage, Water / air system, 6 adjustable ABS nozzles. Manual adjustment of the air flow benefiting from the Venturi silent system. Pneumatic on / off control. Taps sold separately. From 590 euros. Aquaneo at Lapeyre.


7. A balneo bath "save space"

Designed to match the angles and walls of all bathrooms, this bathtub with dimensions optimized (160 x 90 cm) has nothing to envy to the big models: it offers a total immersion thanks to the shape of its tank and to its interior volume. As a bonus, it is equipped with a waterfall spout ensuring a smooth filling.

Milonga 160 bathtub comes with a dump system. Equipped as standard with two chrome handles and a headrest. Compatible with Silence & Air system, a mixed massage system offering lymphatic drainage Air and 4 programs of massage Water and Air of increasing intensity. With Chromotherm function for multicolored visual effects. Milonga with Silence & Air system 3738 euros (20% VAT). Grandform.


8. Colorful atmosphere with this whirlpool bath

Cervical massage under the waterfall, toning massage with 4 water nozzles and 4 micro-nozzles water directional, optimal relaxation via the 14 air injectors ... This balneo bath plays on all the tables. Thanks to the LEDs with which it is equipped, water can be stained in 8 different colors, static or scrolling.

White waterfall whirlpool tub in white acrylic. Dimensions: 140 X 140 cm. With tactile programming keyboard backlit 3 functions (relax, fitness and tonic). 2 different massage places. 1 waterfall water closable. 8 LEDs with 8 selectable or scrollable colors. 900 W water pump and 700 W air pump. Quiet Venturi system. Dry running protection. Air system drying mode after each use. 999 euros. Swisspool Balneo at Brico Dépôt.

Brico Depot

9. A balneo bathtub all rounded

With its diameter of 170 cm, this large bathtub can accommodate several people for relaxation sessions worthy of an institute. It's up to you to compose the well-being program of your choice: from the simple hydromassage (adjustable hydromassage jets) to the complete version (adjustable hydromassage jets) without forgetting the possible additions of blowers (air bubbles) or chromotherapy spots Ultrathin.

Sun Round brilliant white acrylic bathtub (5 mm plate). Diameter 170 cm, height 68 cm. Too complete invisible integrated. Optional: chrome faucet, white headrest. Variable prices according to options, from 6060 euros in built-in version, with 10 blowers (bubbles at the bottom of the bath) to 8418 euros in island version with white apron. Taps not included (count 1051,20 euros). Porcelanosa.


10. A spa bath with touch controls

With this spa bath, enjoy a complete hydromassage but also targeted: at the level of the legs and feet to stimulate the blood circulation and in the back and the kidneys for a total relaxation. A comforting bathtub with integrated polyurethane gel headrest, armrests, easy-to-use integrated touch controls and Cromodream® ambient lighting (a number of fixed or changing colors) ) that helps to relax or invigorate.

Myway bathtub: Classic hydromassage with 5 TargetPro jets. Back hydromassage with 3 rotating jets. High comfort of immersion with ambient lighting Cromodream (the subaquatic spot offers relaxing or fortifying static color sequences), touch controls, gel headrest, dry backing system. Model presented: 180 x 80 cm, starting from 2514 euros. Optional: aprons (front and side in 3 finishes) and accessories. Jacuzzi at Cédéo.


11. A corner whirlpool bath

This corner bath has comfortable dimensions (140 x 140) and practical edges to deposit all its aromatherapy essences. Its more? The balneo system "Silence & Air" Grandform combines the advantages of air and water massages, for more and more relaxation and well-being.

Limbo tub equipped with a standard cascade spout and two headrests. With whirlpool system 'Silence & air', a mixed massage system offering lymphatic drainage Air and 4 programs of massage Water and Air of increasing intensity. With Chromotherm function for multicolored visual effects. Bath with Silence & air system, from 3642 euros. Grandform.


12. A spa bath with porthole

In the Aquarium2 tub, you will be like a fish in the water. Thanks to its 12 water nozzles and 12 air nozzles, this bathtub will offer you pure moments of relaxation. With one more size: chromo 4-color function, with green to relax and reduce stress, orange to tone and fight against fatigue, turquoise to stimulate and help reflection and finally purple to increase his esteem of self and lessen nervousness.

Aquarium 2 Balneo bathtub in acrylic. Dimensions: L.180 x W.85 x H.62.5 cm. Mixed system of nozzles: Water + air with 4 lateral water nozzles, 4 micro back nozzles and 4 backwater hydrojets as well as 12 air nozzles. Pump power: 650 w. Water nozzles: 4 lateral, 4 dorsal microbuses and 4 dorsal hydrojets. Volume 260 L. 4 bright colors. 2 years warranty. French made. 1725 euros. Aquavita at Castorama.