All about bougainvillea, the colorful shrub

All about bougainvillea, the colorful shrub

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The bougainvillea or bougainvillea is a climbing plant that can reach 5 meters high. Originally from Brazil, bougainvillea can be grown as a shrub or climbing vine, on a facade or trellis. The bougainvillea is remarkable for its bloom of bright colors in summer. These are kinds of leaves, or bracts, colored. The real flowers are tiny and white. The bougainvillea fears the cold and can not be left outdoors if the temperature drops below 8 °. The Bougainvillea can be installed in open ground in climate zones sweet or potted in a conservatory, or a greenhouse. Avoid installing the bougainvillea indoors because it needs a lot of moisture.

Bougainvillea is a climbing shrub covered with bright colors, from spring to autumn. We can find all the colors, from pale yellow to purple, passing by white or orange. These creeper shrubs can quickly cover a damaged facade or wall. Our practical tips will help beginners and confirmed gardeners to cultivate the bougainvillea with success in their garden or on their terrace.

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Bougainvillea planting

Bougainvillea is sensitive to frost. Do not plant it in the ground if the temperature of your garden falls below 8 °. Install the bougainvillea in a rich and fresh soil, protected from drafts and well exposed to the sun. add brown gold or decomposed manure and water copiously at the plantation. One foot is enough to cover 5 to 7 square meters of frontage. Keep bougainvilleas away from 3 to 4 meters at planting to allow for good growth.

Potted bougainvillea, care tips

In areas susceptible to freezing, bougainvillea is planted in pots or pans. Install a good thickness of gravel before adding rich soil. Then install the bougainvillea taking care of do not break the roots. Do not bury it too much and water copiously. Install the plant under a porch, free from frost, or in a damp room. The bougainvillea in pot will need frequent watering in summer and contributions offertilizer for flowering plants twice a monthand this, from the flowering. Repot the shrub every two years by adopting a slightly larger pot and renewing the potting soil. In winter, return the bougainvillea to a cool room whose temperature will remain equal to or greater than 15 °.

Size and maintenance of bougainvillea

The bougainvillea is small and at the end of winter. Simply grind the shape of the bougainvillea in pots. Remove dead wood or badly oriented branches from the bougainvillea in the ground. Remove flowers as you go to promote flowering.

Watering and bougainvillea fertilizer

Water abundantly, at least the first two years of planting, without flooding your bougainvillea. Wait until the soil is well dry to water. Then space the waterings. Add somefertilizer for flowering shrub in the water of irrigation at least once a month between April and September.

Diseases and parasites affecting the bougainvillea

Mealybugs and red spiders can attack the foliage of bougainvillea. Air the foliage and spray the plant with a nettle manure.

To know about bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is native to Brazil. He was identified during an expedition led by Louis-Antoine de Bougainville in 1766.

Varieties of bougainvillea to choose

For pot culture, choose the variety Mini Thai where the bougainvillea Pixie. If you like yellow, go for the bougainvillea Golden Glow or marry slightly orange yellow. If you prefer pink, the bougainvillea Marie Rose Frankish pink or the bougainvillea Sanderiana purple pink will be favored. Two-tone bougainvillea, white and rosé Imperial Thai Delight, also called Yannis Delight remains very elegant.

Gardener's tip on bougainvillea

Respect dry phases between two waterings to successfully grow bougainvillea. From the end of flowering, space the waterings for at least 1 month.