Kitchens that can be forgotten


Kitchens that can be forgotten

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In a spirit of space saving, these concealed and discreet kitchens are very trendy. Whether it's furnishing a small studio with a mini-kitchen, or refining the space in a modern loft and design, the cooks play with the invisible to make disappear the kitchens.

Central part of most homes, the kitchen is reinvented while discretion to accommodate the smallest spaces, like contemporary style interiors. With its sober colors, the chic design kitchen adopts harmonious lines and an electrical appliance hidden behind united facades. In short, place in the inspiration thanks to 10 kitchens that blend in the decor with style.

A discreet and immaculate open kitchen

American cuisine: from 4390 euros (excluding household appliances), Aviva


Aviva plays the card of discretion with a pure white color. Without handles, with metal grooves to open the furniture, and thanks to a built-in appliances, this kitchen blends into any interior without being noticed.

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A multifunctional central kitchen

Kitchen Adria Tallys: 15102 euros (excluding sliding worktop and appliances), Mobalpa


To make the kitchen a centerpiece while integrating it with discretion in his stay, it is the bet raised by the kitchen Adria! At the same time bar, library and kitchen, this space is thought for the conviviality. In sober and elegant materials and colors, this kitchen masters the art of concealment.

A concealed and elegant mini kitchen

Kitchen 180 B reclosable: from 5938 euros HT, Denis Dalmasso for Maminicuisine

Denis Dalmasso for Maminicuisine

Founded in 2016, the Maminicuisine brand has developed functional kitchens specifically designed for small spaces, offices or hotels. Custom and high-end, these kitchens completely disappear into a living room thanks to a built-in appliances and a convertible lid credence. All in less than one square meter.

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Smart and invisible storage in his kitchen

Portland cuisine: from 7082 euros, Schmidt


In a small space, room for optimization with discreet storage. Here, many storage spaces have been integrated into the main wall of the room. Thanks to a pressure opening, the furniture line remains uncluttered and storage is invisible.

A black kitchen with a clean design

Cuisine Epure et Sophistication, price on request, Perene


As a showcase, this black kitchen and wood signed Perene was designed with precious materials. Santos rosewood on the front and dining table, a velvety carbon finish, drawers in black lacquered ash and large storage spaces concealed by retractable doors. Purity is queen.

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A white and black kitchen with sliding doors

Hide: price on request, Boffi


Sleek in its black and white colors, the Hide kitchen is concealed by a system of folding doors re-entering and sliding. Storage and appliances can thus completely disappear. For fans of design and minimalism, this kitchen has it all!

A discreet and functional kitchen mini-furniture

Kitchen K5: from 4500 euros, Kitchoo


Kitchoo imagined the invisible kitchen par excellence. A hob with two induction hobs, a telescopic mixer tap and a refrigerator are part of this kitchen unit. In options, Kitchoo also offers a dishwasher, a recycling bin and a cutlery storage box. A complete kitchen in short in a small piece of furniture. Simple and efficient !

Simple lines for a refined kitchen

Pure gray oak kitchen: 2792 euros, Cuisinella


Available in a gray oak color, this corridor kitchen remains elegant and discreet while optimizing the space. The Pure kitchen is a concentrate of functionality and sobriety, with clean lines (no handles, layout in length according to the original layout of the premises, built-in appliances) and furniture with all the necessary storage. Clever, is not it?

An open kitchen in the colors of the living room

City Soft Kitchen: from 3088 euros, Kitchen More

Kitchen More

In order not to distort the decor that welcomes it by imposing a break between its open kitchen and living room, it is fashionable to combine the colors and materials of the two spaces. The City Soft kitchen is an extension of the living room with a matching worktop and credenza to the sofa, and elegant white and wooded fronts. To customize to fit any living space.

A graphic kitchen in harmony with the space

Kitchen Tallys graphite and soft white polar: from 9974 euros, Mobalpa


The Tallys kitchen has completely integrated the staircase into an indispensable design element. Graphic and minimalist, this kitchen plays on the geometric shapes of the staircase to integrate into the space. With its bar and its opening on the living room, it becomes an essential marker of the harmony of the house.