Which bulb to choose for saving energy?


To better control your electricity bills, opt for the right bulbs. A little lesson in electricity and a review of models with our photo gallery ...

Nothing is more pleasant than an interior multiplying the sources of lighting (suspensions, sconces, street lamps, table lamps) and making it possible to modulate the light. But how to choose his bulbs?

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Know first of all that models of incandescent bulbs are certainly cheap (from 1 €), but have a very limited life expectancy and are very energy-hungry.Prefere them the compact fluorescent bulbs also said economy energy: more expensive to buy (5 € minimum), they consume much less (savings of 60 to 75% on the invoice) and have a life 8 to 10 times higher. Disadvantages: they require a little warm time that makes them less suitable in some rooms like the bathroom. In addition, they are not always compatible with luminaires equipped with a dimmer.

For dimmers, it is better to opt for halogen bulbs. These have a lifespan of about 2,000 hours (double the incandescent models), but have a disadvantage: they heat a lot and must be placed at a good distance from the surface to be illuminated. This is why we adopt more and more low voltage halogen spotlights.
Finally, LED bulbs are in full democratization. Still expensive (12 to 15 €), they consume little, do not heat and last a very long time. The models benefiting from Isotronic technology also have the advantage of changing color and thus create a personalized lighting atmosphere (from € 13).