Bulbs for a trendy decor

Plumen bulbs.

Ian Nolan

Stripped bulbs as suspensions? It does not make more mess, but a cool and trendy decor. Provided, of course, that these are not those left by the electrician at the end of the construction ...

Before, a bulb naked hanging from the ceiling was enough to ruin all your efforts in terms of decoration. It was worth the fatwa of the specialized magazines and the ironic remarks of the friends. Today, it's the opposite: bulbs make nudism! In their simplest device, they paraded over the counter of coffee shops in vogue, shampoo tray hype hairdressers, anemones of florist chic ... We even saw in the seventh arrondissement, overlooking the tables of chef David Toutain.

That said, the star bulb of the moment is more of a stripper of talent than a follower of the full nude. The proof, she knows how to play accessories: screwed on an elegant socket (in Bakelite, porcelain, turned wood ...), hanging at the end of a refined textile cable of at least 1.50 meters in length (low apartments of ceiling, go your way), it does not come out of the local supermarket either! And for good reason ... Since the Grenelle of the environment has banished energy-consuming incandescent bulbs, there is little more than ugly "compact fluorescents" with aggressive lighting.

Suspension Vidon socket, Lovely Market, 101 euros. The suspension Vidon gracefully diverts the wire and socket that we usually want to hide. The support made of ceramic and inspired by grape pressing machines gives a lot of elegance to the whole. Its minimalist and modern design brings a strong decorative value. Alone or combined, you can also play with different lengths of cable to hang in a large space or in a room for a more minimalist effect.


Today, the aesthetes boycott them, like all lovers of cozy atmospheres. They are flocking to old-fashioned filament bulbs in old power stores. Or they crack for those, newlook, signed by the designers. Inspired by the arrival of second generation LEDs (more versatile and powerful), they finally reinvent this usual object.

Retro or futuristic, refined or baroque, but decorative object in its own right, the bulb 2014 is no longer hidden under a lampshade. We play it naked : a minimalist bias, which gives pep to any interior. Manual.

Retro bulbs, thank you, 9 euros one.

Thank you

The vintage filament bulb

In carbon, its filament is twisted in elegant volutes that are tinged with orange on ignition (unlike the tungsten bulbs of our childhood). Even its shape is vintage, with the reissues of the centennial models Edison 1910 and Edison 1920! Today, on the site of Jurassic Light, one pulls out these old style bulbs, with soft and warm lighting. Same as the Electricity Bazaar, a Parisian institution whose director had stored 100,000 filament bulbs. It has already passed ... 95%!

Officially, all these retro bulbs come from stocks made before 2008 by wholesalers ... and it is now totally forbidden to import them from China, where they are still manufactured. No wonder that before the shortage announced their fans buy them by the dozens!

Jurassic Light bulb, from 15 to 20 euros each.

Jurassic Light

Where to hang a filament bulb?

In a corridor, an entrance, a country house a little bohemian. Above a table or a work plan? It takes a row, because their power is very limited. We avoid fixing too low (we see more clearly, but we bump into it) and mount it on dimmer (this shortens its life expectancy, which is only 2500 hours). This type of bulb is sold between 15 and 20 euros each.

The minimalist design bulb

Very sober, often from the North, it instantly gives the piece a small industrial and Scandinavian touch ... The Danes of Muuto make a hit with their Pendant Light, an elegant spherical bulb sold mounted on a wire and a flashy silicone socket (yellow , blue, green, pink ...). The Swedish Nud cardboard with his kit E27: colored wire fabric (two-tone, fluorescent ...) more sleek design (the smooth concrete model will delight the loft owners!), On which we fit a bulb of their collection. Another bestseller of the moment: the brilliant Plumen 001 by the British designer Samuel Wilkinson, who has twisted the ugly spiral tubes of the compact fluorescent. The result: a real light sculpture, which has just been integrated into the MoMa design collection!

Plumen bulbs.

Ian Nolan

Where to hang a minimalist design bulb?

Above a desk where we line up above a dining room table. For an effect "ceiling unstructured", we gather 8 or 10 in the center of the table, varying colors and lengths of cable. Or they hang in a cluster, with an ad hoc rosette. Low-end yarns and light bulbs are avoided. Insufficiently weighted, the installation gondola! This type of bulb costs between 29 euros (the Plumen alone) and 59 euros (the Muuto kit with suspension).

The custom design bulb

Who said that a bulb should be smooth or stripped? Today, designers are reinterpreting it in freedom. Crystal Nud's Crystal Bulb has small crystals and a reflector, which reflect light from an LED. Britain's Lee Broom has also enclosed an LED ... in an engraved crystal bulb, hand blown in an old Scottish factory. At Alessi, chic and kitsch Vienna, faceted carved and silver base, green, pink ... evokes a carafe crystal Bohemia!

Swede Eric Therner created Diamond Aerial, a diamond-shaped halogen. At BHV, we find ingenious globes in the form of spherical bulbs, but which screw on a small G9 halogen or LED. In transparent glass, opalescent, amber, striated, frosted ..., these poetic "surampoules" diffuse a soft light and project fantastic shadows. Minibudget, maxi-effect.

The Bulb suspension consists of a rosette and a porcelain mount, a mouth blown glass diffuser and equipped with a fabric cable. With its white porcelain "bush" and its mouth blown glass diffuser, this pendant will delight you. Its more: each piece is unique! She was also rewarded in 2001 (year of her birth) by the Chicago Athenaeum where she received the Good Design Award 2001. 96 euros.


Where to hang a custom design light bulb?

In a corner of the living room, a staircase, a child's room. Above the coffee table (for romantic dinner), or the night table (privacy assured). Avoid editing cheap. At the jewel bulb we offer a beautiful golden cable and the matching gold socket! This bulb is sold between 9 euros for BHV globes, and 150 euros for an integrated LED designer bulb (expected to last 35,000 hours).

The addresses where to find these suspensions and bulbs:

Electricity Bazaar, 34, boulevard Henri-IV, Paris (IVe), 01-48-87-83-35,

BHV Swamp, 52, rue de Rivoli, Paris (IVe), 09-77-40-14-00, www.bhv.f

thank you, 111, boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris (III), 01-42-77-00-33,

Fleux, 39 and 52 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie, Paris (IVe), 01-42-78-27-20,

Made in design,

Deco and me,

Jurassic Light, (very large selection of vintage bulbs)

Gross domestic product (vintage bulbs)

The Diner 125 pendant made of antique brass and clear glass with an opening at the top and bottom is designed for indoor use with 3 or 4 exposed sockets.


Concrete bush suspension, Thank you, 69 euros

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Twisted glass globe lamp? 179 euros.

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