Is Ikea the same in America?


Côté Maison compared the 2014 Ikea catalogs published in the United States and France. It's up to you to play the game by finding the 7 differences between the two versions!

The editorial staff of had fun comparing the American and French versions of the catalog Ikea 2014. And ... surprise! Peeling them, we realized that 98% of the pages were exactly the same! For others, we managed to detect differences in the choice of fabrics, materials, coatings, and even the place reserved for the price on the photo depending on the country ...

And you, it connects you to play the game of 7 differences Ikea?

1. The trendy living room with colorful cushions

The differences: the colors and patterns of the cushions are not the same: cooler for the American version, and warmer for Europeans. Also note the mat becomes a mattress from one catalog to another! Other differences: the lampshade of the lamp, the doors of the lockers on the wall, their contents, the color of the decoration placed above the lockers, etc.

2. The romantic room

On this page, did you notice that most of the furniture and patterns have been changed? The bed, the furniture on the left, the bedside table, the wardrobe at the back of the room, the bedside lamp, the floor slippers have been moved, the patterns on the wall, the bed linen, the plants on the left ... And all this without changing the spirit of the room! Ikea hat.

3. Family cooking

White and some wood in the kitchen in the United States. Wood, a little white and a warmer atmosphere in France. An oven has been added for the French version, the hobs are not exactly in the same place, the kitchen accessories on the worktop are also not the same from one catalog to another ...

4. The children's room

A little more subtle here! Apart from the curtains that change color, we can see an evolution in the postures of the characters: on the right, the boy has his arms crossed behind his head, then his hands on the keyboard of the computer. A decorative accessory disappears on the American version ... did you find it?

5. The reading corner

A small corner arranged to read: classic whatever the country. And yet ... We push the country to the boût cushions in the United States: all the decor remains in place, except the model of the sofa (Sandby becomes Härnösand) and the cushions (flowery become black). The decor will be more sober in France.

6. The green living room

Surprising. The two carpets, gray checkered or red patterned, fit perfectly with the green sofa of the Stockholm collection. They give character to the show, each in their own way.

7. The dining room

Higher up, we have seen the kitchen go from white (for the American version) to wood (for the French). Here is the opposite: only the table changes in the photo, but it's the whole atmosphere that is changing!

8. Bonus: the table lamp

The selection of the "favorite" lamp at the end of the catalog ... go, this one is a gift!

And you ? What is your favorite version? Have you noticed any differences that would have escaped us?