Stéphane Plaza and Valérie Damidot: Clap de fin?

Stephane PLAZA is the Man of the Situation

Ego Productions / France 2

Stéphane Plaza is no longer "the man of the situation" for M6, which stops his TV drama. Identical spell previously lived by Valérie Damidot. Want to turn the leading animators into actors, was it really a good idea? The channel would like to believe it for Plaza and asks for a new character to be created for him. Valérie Damidot's fictional projects have been thrown into oblivion ...

Given the success of D & Co and Maison à Vendre, M6 had decided to put its animators on air in fiction primetime. Valérie Damidot then donned the costume of Victoire Bonnot, an education counselor in a high school with teen problems. The channel was betting on the housewife under 50 and her toddlers, the heart of the host's target.

Stéphane Plaza him, became "the man of the situation" from 2011. It took 3 years for a second episode to be broadcast. The series has just stopped at the third, for lack of sufficient audiences.

Strings that do not work anymore?

Even if the animators benefit from a strong sympathy, the televiewers are no longer fooled. Valérie Damidot, who was promoted to actress and talk show host, had seen her image overexploited by the channel that had created numerous derivative products (DVDs, magazines, etc.) around D & Co. A series that stops, a second that does not end, a talk show ousted, a reshuffle of his program and here is Valérie Damidot who finds "not being sufficiently employed at M6" (interview of Jean-Marc Morandini in September 2014 ).

Valérie Damidot, in the Victoire Bonnot series

Cyril Plotnikoff / M6

Stéphane Plaza, was less exposed to him. The series saw its first episode aired in 2011 and the second three years later. The public did not have time to get tired. In the series "The man of the situation", it is the blundering side that characterizes him in his home-staging programs that has been put forward. But the public does not find it and the series stops after only 3 episodes. However, M6 still believes in its flagship host and asked (according to TV Star information) to the producer Pascale Breugnot to think about a new character.

Stephane PLAZA, in season 1 of The man of the situation

Marie Etchegoyen / M6

The stars of TF1, Laurence Boccolini (Mademoiselle Joubert's main character) and Jean-Luc Reichmann (Victor Sauvage and Leo Matéï) have been there too. Some episodes broadcast and abandoned projects. Being comfortable in front of the cameras does not mechanically make you an actor. Unprocessed test for chains ...

Chefs hen with golden eggs?

If it is tempting for the chains to exploit their star animators, their over-exposure and over-mediaization do not exhaust them simply? Economic mechanics prevail. Producing a show, finding a new host, having time for the program to appear on the small screen was a possible model 20 years ago. Today everything goes very fast, TV shows must be acclaimed from the start. It is therefore easier to turn to facilitators who have proven themselves. Quit putting them in danger by using them for counter-employment.

Today spectators want to be able to identify their animators in a clear context as their area of ​​expertise and do not like surprises.

The difficult status of favorite host of the French

Strategies magazine has released this week the ranking of the favorite hosts of the French. We find Plaza in good position which is perceived as "in the air of the time", "which I feel close", "funny" and "sympathetic" ... But more Valérie Damidot. Those who trust the first places are actually experts who intervene on TV (Michel Cymes is a doctor, Christina Cordula, stylist, Philippe Etchebest chief ...) Perhaps that's why Stéphane Plaza (in real estate agent) remains liked public. And what was missing perhaps Valérie Damidot is an image of professional speaker on TV and not a professional TV. A subtle nuance that changes everything.

As television viewers are becoming more and more versatile, it is better not to ensure the success of an animator in a given context: Michel Cymès brings his doctor's eye to the other programs in which he participates, like Philippe Etchebest or Christina Cordula. The only risk is that the public gets tired, not of the animator but of the theme that it defends.

Until real estate no longer fascinates the audience of M6, Stéphane Plaza discovered a talent as a comedian in the theater. And if the salvation was outside the television?