Redo a salon without charm


Redo a salon without charm

Hunting for George

Your living room would need a deco dusting in good standing ? From the sofa to the carpet to the lights, Côté Maison gives you all the tips and good ideas to succeed makeover of your living room. Follow the guide…

Twister the decoration of the show with the latest news from publishers and simple and bluffing deco tips, it's possible ! Acidic sofa, graphic rug or chic marble lighting ... Pick from the ideas selected by Côté Maison for sublimate your living room with style and offer maximum cachet !

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1. Makeover your living room by composing a wall of frames

The good idea to wake up a living room without charm: bet on the wall of frames. Choose similar models but different sizes to keep a nice unit together and then dispatches them on the wall behind the sofa. The key: maximum rhythm and volumes metamorphosed.

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Wooden frames, from 29 euros, Norsu.

Lisa Cohen

2. Bet on colorful coffee tables to redo his living room

Your old sofa does not look like? Give the change by inviting one or two colorful coffee tables in the living room. By drawing attention to their beautiful color full of pep, they will completely forget your old-fashioned seats, losing speed. CQFD!

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Coffee tables in mdf and metal, from 59.99 euros, Purpose.


3. Adopt the Scandinavian sideboard in light wood

The Scandinavian thread is still on the rise in our interiors. Not only is it a storage area unparalleled to store or seen or know all its small business (large drawers, open and closed storage mix ...) but in addition, it crowns the lounge with a chic and trendy deposit. It is chosen in light wood to bring maximum brightness and light to a salon to the fine.

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Wooden sideboard, price on request, Hunting for George.

Hunting for George

4. Think of colorful blinds to energize the living room

We do not think about it enough, but the windows are an unparalleled expression zone to twister the decor. This is how we trade the curtains printed against plain blinds dressed in a pretty pastel hue, like this fresh and greedy green almond model. Result: a lot of light in the room and an original note of color in a predominantly white living room. Double shot!

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Store, from 24 euros, English Blinds.

English blinds

5. Bet on a very chic marble lamp

The marble is always favored by fans of decoration. Declined in green, it is more elegant and sophisticated than ever! It is adopted by touch in the living room, with a minimalist lamp for example. And we install it on a row or on a coffee table to put it nicely on stage. Perfect.

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Marble lamp, 129 euros, Decoclico.


6. Summon a colorful sofa in his living room

What if we opt for a colorful sofa? Solar, bright, this yellow sofa is the essential accessory to bring warmth and happiness to the living room while cultivating light. And then, its comfortable lines make it the three places doudou "pile" in the trend of the moment. You crack?

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Sofa "Strips", from 1900 euros the element, Arflex.


7. Inviting a happy sticker on the wall

The trick to shake nicely a classic atmosphere without taking anything away from its elegance? Adopt a colorful message sticker. Like this neon pink model, cheerful and positive, placed above the door of the living room. We love the idea!

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Sticker, 29.90 euros, Rice.


8. Pimper the wall with a designer mirror

The mirror has many deco virtues. It brings clarity to a room but also gives the illusion of a larger space. And if in addition it has a crazy class and displays impeccable lines like this model "Totem" Red Edition, we can only succumb!

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Mirror "Totem", 1190 euros, Red Edition.

Red Edition

9. Create an elegant partition

You need to divide the living room space? Again, think deco and pretty materials for this arrangement brings charm to your room. The good idea: bet on adjustable wooden blades that can modulate the space by distilling a beautiful note of elegance and authenticity in the room.

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Partition "Ella" with adjustable blades fixed on adjustable feet in MDF white ash finish ceruse, 25.90 euros the blade, Castorama.


10. Crack for a hanging chair

Do you have an unused room angle? Why not invite a hanging chair? This is the new reflex fondue decor! Less impressive than an armchair, it has the merit of clearing the floor space by creating a chic and bohemian relaxation area in the living room. Not bad !

Hanging chair in macramé, 170 euros, Mrs Stoltz.

Ms. Stoltz

11. Reviving the windowsills

Precious lamp, delicately colored vases ... Do not forget to adorn the windowsills with pretty decorative accessories. Choose them in transparent, iridescent or shiny materials, so that the light plays with their surface by crossing them ...

Glass vases, from 16 euros, Bloomingville.


12. Multiply the storage baskets

Pack the cardboard boxes for baskets to store everything in the house. They will bring a welcome touch of nature! Children's toys, magazines, balls of wool ... Choose them in different sizes to store a thousand and one small things and put them in the corners of rooms, at the foot of the sofa, near the fireplace ... So Nordic!

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Baskets, Love Creative People.

Love creative People

13. Beautifully showcasing her plants

The green trend is still so successful in our interiors, and that's good! To do this, swap the banal plastic planters for wooden containers, ceramic, porcelain ... Much more elegant, they are beautifully staged plants and harmonize with much more panache to our interior.

Pots and baskets, from 13 euros, Bloomingville.


14. Crack for a "chunky" plaid

This is the essential accessory of next winter. Whether you make it with your own hands or you buy it ready, the "Chunky" plaid will be your best ally of the winter frost. Fluffy, with large, cozy mesh and soft colors, it brings to your sofa the mood Nordic essential!

Wool plaid, 485 euros, Lime Lace.

Lime Lace

15. Dress the floor of an elegant carpet

Your living room lacks personality? Do not forget to relook the floor, he also signs the style of the room. For example, think of inviting a graphic and colorful carpet into the room, to visually delimit the space with a cozy and elegant note. Our favorite model of the moment? The beautiful "Mosaic" signed Ted Baker.

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"Mosaic" rug, price on request, Ted Baker.

Ted Baker