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How to remove a tick safely?

How to remove or remove a tick safely?

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In case of biteit is essential toquickly remove the tick. Indeed, this one can transmit serious diseases. Here are our tips to remove a tick and its rostrum from the skin.

Ticks are parasites which attack animals as much as humans. Ticks transmit bacteria and more particularly the Lyme disease which can have serious consequences. To protect yourself, it is important to know extract a tick cleanly. Here are a few tips.

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Remove a tick with tweezers

When the tick is rooted in the skin, it is important not to squeeze the body, because the risks of infection are much greater if the abdomen flushes blood back into your body. Place the tapered tips of your tweezers as close to your skin as you can, then pull gently and then more firmly. Do not worry if your head gets stuck in your skin. It will then be easy to remove and you will not be contaminated at this stage. Be vigilant about your condition during the month following the injection.

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Remove a tick with thread

If you do not have precision tweezers on hand, take untreated silk thread and wrap the tick tip around the head. Tighten the plug and pull. Then disinfect your wound and check that it does not become infected.

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Extract a tick without touching it

Take liquid soap and pour a few drops on a cotton and apply the cotton on the tick. Take care to cover it well. After a few seconds, the tick will release its grip and detach itself. Always keep the ticks removed and take them to your doctor or veterinarian for analysis.

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What to do in case of failure?

Consult your doctor or veterinarian as soon as possible if you are unable to remove a tick yourself. It should not stay on you for more than 24 hours.