The indoor canopy, always so trendy!

The indoor canopy, always so trendy!

Alix Delclaux Architecture

Thanks to the indoor canopyit is easy to define spaces to create rooms in their own right without sacrificing light. This "lady of steel" wins today all the votes in the layout of our interiorproof of this is its growing use by both individuals and professionals. This may be because the canopy fits all projects, from standard to custom, from the swing door to the sliding canopy, it is so popular. Focus on the one who rethinks our interiors brilliantly!

On the occasion of discussions organized by Lapeyre around the problem of the partitioning of space, the interior designer Alix Delclaux gives us his expertise on the indoor canopy. In which case to use it? What is his trend look of the moment? But also advice before embarking on its installation, we talk about the glass from all angles!

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The indoor canopy: for what purpose?

Professional interior designer, Alix Delclaux, interior designer, gives us his feeling on how to think our interiors today: "The trend is in half hue, we want to separate the spaces without too much partitioning". The indoor canopy seems to be the solution all found! "Archi flexible and scalable, it allows to keep the light, to separate the volumes while preserving the perspectives on the whole space". In short, it offers only advantages: flexible, because you can easily change or even remove the indoor canopy, but also economic, because of its installation less expensive than the creation of a room. Be careful, however, not to be too hopeful about the insulation: the indoor canopy is not the most recommended to isolate a room acoustically or thermally, although it reduces the noise because of its quality of insulation. separation.

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Véronique Degardin, Product Manager at Lapeyre, has found, in particular, that there is a difference in the use of the indoor canopy, depending on the type of dwelling. Thus, between the apartment or the house, the issues facing the indoor canopy vary. If in the apartments, the indoor canopy is rather popular to bring light to a newly created space; in the house, customers tear themselves apart to truly separate spaces.

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The indoor canopy slides! In photo: sliding glass door for wall or wall system, 73 cm wide (exists in 83 cm), 699 euros, Lapeyre.


The most trendy canopy!

Besides the fact that it separates the space, the interior canopy is also chosen to create the atmosphere in its interior. It gives the stamp to the decoration with its industrial look, and its design evolves over the years. Let it be said, the indoor canopy of the moment is the canopy in vertical format rather than horizontal, which accentuates the feeling of height, large tiles adorned with horizontal flat irons.

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Alix Delclaux is increasingly using the indoor canopy in her interior design projects. For her, the glass roof of the future gradually abandons the iron for the wood frame, more "natural", and returns to its purest form: the glass wall, offering a grandiose panorama of interior spaces. To this decorative aspect is added even additional functionality: it becomes the support for creating different spaces, dining room on one side, living room on the other; room on one side, bathroom on the other, to name just a few examples ...

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The interior canopy replaces an existing partition, delimiting the entrance of the living room while bringing light to this space.

Alix Delclaux Architecture

In this bedroom thought of as a master suite with bathroom, the canopy at the head of the bed allows the passage of light from the roof window.

Alix Delclaux Architecture

Tips before installing an indoor canopy

Before installing an indoor canopy at home, you have to ask yourself why you want to partition. To preserve the privacy of certain rooms? Phonically isolate? Or simply bring a decorative element to your home? Whatever the answer, be aware that the installation of an indoor canopy, although it may seem simple at first, requires some precautions. The ideal is to call on a professional who will verify the feasibility of the development project. Indeed, when installing an interior canopy, care must be taken to the constraints sometimes imposed by existing walls: passage of ducts in the wall to be drilled, typology of the wall in question (is it a partition or in this case the cost will be much higher), flatness of the floor, etc. Then comes the choice of the model of canopy according to the desired uses: workshop window, swing door or partition, as many models that may suit you but whose properties must be studied upstream. Today, there are even sliding windows, fixed on rail on the floor or on the ceiling: space saving assured.

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An office hidden without really being behind interior windows. In photo: Creative workshop canopy, only available in store, Lapeyre.


Lapeyre, pioneer of carpentry accessible to all

The democratization and industrialization of carpentry have been one of Lapeyre's driving forces since the brand's creation. With the aim of offering its customers advice on choosing and installing carpentry, the brand now offers products ranging from standard to custom. Count 299 euros for the first price range Eco, what afford an aesthetic interior layout and well thought out at a lower cost. Surfing also on the wave of custom-made, Lapeyre diversifies its offer by proposing canopies which adapt to the interiors of each one. Thanks to its great flexibility, the indoor canopy concretizes the wildest dreams ...

Suspended partition Bracket, customized canopy, only available in store, Lapeyre.


Creative sliding canopy, 134 cm wide (exists in 167 and 190 cm), 1082 euros, Lapeyre.