At the top, these 10 pools of cottages and guest houses


At the top, these 10 pools of cottages and guest houses

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Refreshing and pleasant, the pool is dreaming more than one. Its pronounced blue, it attracts greed, especially when the beautiful days arrive. Inground, covered, semi-underground or swimming pool swimming pool... Discover 10 basins of lodgings and guest houses that make you want to do laps!

Whether to take a dip or just lounging on their beach, the pools arouse envy and sublimate the gardens of cottages and guest houses, everywhere in France. From the simplest pool to the sophisticated swim lane through water points with breathtaking views, Côté Maison reveals you 10 beautiful pools of cottages.

1. A long pool in the heart of the Nesque Gorge

It is in the Vaucluse, in the gorges of the Nesque that the long pool of the Metafort guest house perched. Half shaded by an old fortification, the basin is offered in blue breakthrough in the green landscape.


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2. A semi-buried pool surrounded by nature

It is in the heart of the nature, in a village located in the Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrenees, that this semi-buried pool sports a contrasting blue. Flanked by a terrace placed in the shade of the surrounding trees, the pool of Clos des Coustoulins has it all. If the darkness of the belvedere is not to your taste, perhaps you will find your happiness by basking on the folding chairs of the neighboring garden.

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Molinier & Co

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2. A long shaded swimming lane

In the shade of stone buildings from Balazuc Castle, a long swimming lane was set up. Lined with greenery, this long basin allows to bathe away from prying eyes. No one can remain indifferent to the beautiful contrast created between the modernity of the pool, and the age of the buildings.

Olivier Perrot

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3. A large pool surrounded by rest areas

The beach of this in-ground pool has been converted into a relaxation area. Perfectly aligned, the wooden deckchairs face this imposing blue basin and transform the garden into a haven of peace. What to abandon to idleness at the Domaine de Nazère!

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4. A swim lane halfway between the sea and the lounge

The view that this swim lane on the Caribbean Sea is breathtaking. Adjacent to the open lounge of Villa Bel Amour, the pool is cradled between two worlds. From the inside, its blue water merges with that of the sea which extends as far as the eye can see.

Thibault Masson

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5. An inground pool framed by the mountains

This rectangular pool could not have dreamed of a more beautiful setting than that of the mountains surrounding the Domaine d'Hermarie. The edge of the basin has been covered with wooden grating whose hue subtly reminiscent of that of the stone house. An idyllic setting !

Laurent Dubas

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6. A natural pool surrounded by ponds

In the bucolic garden of Mas de Saribou, ponds filled with water lilies, rough stone walls and relaxation areas gather around the natural pool of a bright blue. A real return to the sources more than conducive to rest and swimming.

Annick Carle-Roux

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7. A discreet and modern pool

In the middle of the valleys of Burgundy, the Farm of Marjolet stands out from the green landscapes with its large stone building and its contemporary extension. Almost invisible, the pool yet was set up in the center of the court. The lawn beach Attached is similar to a carpet and hosts many deck chairs with clean lines. A mix of explosive styles!

Antoine Muzard

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8. A cozy and sophisticated indoor pool

The dark wood and dim lights of this indoor pool give it a look both felted and refined. This basin, located in the dependence of the Red Trees, has really nothing to envy to his like, placed in the garden. What to dip during the cool summer evenings ...

Franck Tomps

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9. A clear water pool made easy

Mini shrubs well carved, gravel light color, modern sitting ... Around this pool Mas de la Blanche, the atmosphere is zen and minimalist ! To echo the surrounding nature and the rustic aspect of the house, a light wooden floor has even been installed near the basin.

Catherine Deleuze

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And also ... A swimming lane installed under a sheltered terrace

This swim lane covered by the wooden structures of a terrace is as simple as it is unusual. With the surrounding countryside as its horizon, the long pool of the gîte Oprieur is perfect for relaxing, and it offers optimal comfort thanks to its heating system. Foot !

Arnaud Boussac

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