The steps to create a mini garden greenhouse

The steps to create a mini garden greenhouse


If you do not want to give up your plants in winter, think about greenhouses. They allow to protect the most fragile plants before the spring. And good news, to make a greenhouse yourself is possible ! Here are our 5 steps to achieve this.

For gardening addicts, a greenhouse is ideal for growing plants in any season. And to build it yourself, just follow these 5 steps.

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Declare your work

Building a garden greenhouse may require a prior work declaration or a building permit. Inquire at the town hall.

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Choose the location of the garden greenhouse

Build your greenhouse on a sunny location in winter. Orient the largest side of the greenhouse to the south. Avoid cuvettes where cold and moisture accumulate. Do not install a greenhouse under trees. Prune the trees nearby. If the greenhouse is exposed to the wind, it may be protected by windbreak nets.

Prepare the ground of the greenhouse

Dispose of the soil 5 to 10 cm. Earth is a first insulator. For growing in pots and using materials such as polycarbonate, apply a concrete screed.

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Plan connections to water and why not electricity

A connection to the water must be made for watering crops. For a greenhouse, anticipate electrical installation and trenching to the point of supply. Electricity can provide lighting after dark.

Build the greenhouse, for example: a greenhouse

Make a rectangular wooden frame (L 200 x W 60 x H 25 cm). On a frame to frame dimensions, mount a heavy duty plastic tarpaulin folded at the corners and stapled. Secure the frame to the frame with hinges. Instead of a frame and a tarpaulin, a simple plexiglass plate (exceeding 1 cm each side of the frame) may suffice. Place potted seedlings in the fall.